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Jill Ritchie

Hey, I'm Jill Ritchie. I'm a Scottish online Life Success Coach, and live in the U.K. I was a Corporate Leader for many years, and accepted the stories I had either been told, or told myself for so long, that I didn't even recognise who I was anymore. Until 1 day, following another month of extreme stress at work, I pulled my pipe dream off the shelf, put the big girls parts on and made the brave decision to leave it all behind me, and do something that added true value to people's lives. I now get to Coach people to break through their limiting beliefs, silence their inner critic, and achieve their level 10 life. I am a Mum to my 2 little boys, Jude & Eden, and get to be fully present with them every day. Something I never dreamed I could do, until I woke up, and knew there had to be more. I now have my freedom. Freedom to be with them every day, do a job that I absolutely love, and make above all else, freedom to speak my truth. I would love to connect with anyone who can relate. Love & Gratitude, Jill x