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Julia Lam

Julia Lam is an early Facebooker, a serial entrepreneur, and now the Founder and CEO of Tara&Co (, re-imagining products for women on-the-go. The Tracy 2-in-1 bag, is a stylish and convertible bag named after diversity advocate Tracy Chou, that’s sweeping the nation. They launched officially in November 2017 with >$110k in pre-sales and have been featured in Brit + Co, Buzzfeed, Techcrunch, and LA Fashion Magazine and more. The bag can be worn 3-ways, fits up to a 13” laptop, and has a zip-off clutch. Julia also worked on the Facebook's $10MM fund, fbFund, which was capital from Founders Fund and Accel Partners, but administered by Facebook with Josh Kopelman (First Round), Reid Hoffman (Linkedin), and Rajeev Motwani (early Google investor who recently passed) on the board. She was on the internal two-person team that helped choose and mentor over 50 startup teams including Wildfire (acq. by Google), Zimride (now Lyft, who just raised $1 B), Taskrabbit (acq. by Ikea), and Leila Janah’s Samasource. Julia holds her B.A. in Communication Studies from UCLA.