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Tom Biehn

Tom Biehn has been with University Frames for 20 years. Coming from a background of years of service to the college bookstore industry, Tom was recruited by the company to bring it to the next level of sales in the bookstore marketplace. It was under him that the company witnessed nearly 100% growth in the online market, both as our own standalone marketplace and as full-featured diploma frame e-stores for our university and corporate customer base. We at University Frames, Inc. have been manufacturing the best licensed college diploma frames for all your degrees or diplomas; from all the leading colleges and universities across the US! Whether you’re looking for diploma frames, double diploma frames, a diploma frame with tassel, or a logo mat frame with your school seal and name imprinted on it, we have the best in class frames designed for you. We genuinely have implemented and enjoyed a service and quality standard that is the envy of the industry.