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Chad Gabriel

Chad Gabriel is Tuthill's Sherpa of Purpose - Wake the World. He has been with the company for 17 years, and, after getting his start in a webmaster/IT role, he moved up the ladder at Tuthill to become one of the company's leaders. He oversees developing partnerships with other organizations to help further Tuthill's purpose to Wake the World. He describes Tuthill as a corporation looking to make a difference, not just with their employees, but with the world as a whole. This was the catalyst for the documentary, where Chad's role is to host and interview individuals around the world in the search for Aliveness. Chad sees the documentary as a science experiment where, with a hypothesis, the team documents reality to determine a "recipe" for Aliveness. In his case, Chad feels most alive when he's spending time with his family - particularly when he, his wife, and their two sons go fishing and spend time in nature. He grew up seeing the country through road trips, and has made it his goal as a parent to show his kids the world beyond their phone screens. In addition, Chad spends his free time playing acoustic guitar and coaching little league baseball. He played the sport in high school and uses the skills he acquired to give back to the community. Chad received an electrical engineering degree from the University of Illinois, and is currently in the process of obtaining an Executive Scholar Certificate from Northwestern. Chad is a firm believer in lifelong learning and describes Aliveness as living on purpose and realizing fulfillment in life.