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11 Mods Made To Boost the Performance of Your Sports Car



11 Mods Made To Boost the Performance of Your Sports Car

Having a sports car might have been your lifelong dream and now that you have it you should make the very best of it. However, you might be missing out if you are not helping your car reach its full potential by introducing some aftermarket mods. This is why this list of mods could change your ride forever and take its performance and your driving experience to the next level.


 It’s All About the Tires

It might sound basic but getting the right tires can make a world of difference for you and your car. Do keep in mind this is not about getting those huge tires some monster trucks have, which are a thing of the past. When it comes to speed, having the right tires can improve the acceleration, maneuvering, braking, and overall safety of your ride. Therefore, investing in high-quality tires is something that will only bring you benefits and will improve your ride immensely.


Cool It

Having a low-temperature thermostat can make a world of difference for your sports car. This is because it will reduce the odds of it becoming overheated. This is especially true when it comes to engines that are known for being hotter than others. It’s all about preventing damage and controlling the coolant system as a whole.


Air Compression

Air compression is one of those things a little people know about but not everyone does. Getting a supercharger for your car will allow you to put in some extra power to your car. This is because it literally compresses the air before putting it inside the engine. That said, checking out the capacity of your engine first is always necessary as not all cars are built to withstand this. A full reconstruction process might be needed before implementing this mod. 


Lighter Wheels

Believe it or not, a key part of a smoother ride is having lighter wheels. This is because high-performance light wheels can decrease the unsprung weight, which leads to a better and smoother ride regardless of the surface. Furthermore, they cause less work for your entire drivetrain, and if you get the appropriate custom rims you can have them looking awesome and working in your favor. Furthermore, maneuvering is even easier with lighter wheels.



There is a reason why this has been one of the most popular modifications for years. Nitrous can bring the horsepower of your vehicle to unprecedented speeds. It is all about knowing when to use it and where, as it is not the safest thing to use when stuck in traffic due to the oxygen release. In addition, nitrous gas is not that expensive, so you can improve your ride without having to go broke. Also, not every state allows its use, so it is better to check the legislation where you live before installing this awesome mod.


Take a Break

This one might easily be one of the most underrated modifications out there. Having a quality brake pad kit can greatly improve the performance of your car as well as saving you some money down the line. A good break allows you to stop safely as well as maneuver while going at full speed. You can even get special brakes that are targeted to sports cars and their specific needs. Another plus is how truly easy it is to set up for something like this. That said, you should get a full checkup of your braking system when you decide to install the new brake pads.


Lose the Weight

Of course, we mean anything that can make your car heavier than it needs to be. Any lightweight version of a car tends to be much faster as physics aid in the performance of these vehicles. Whatever you can do to make the car less heavy such as getting rid of unnecessary upholstery, carpeting, and more will improve its performance. This is why racing cars only have strictly necessary things.


Cambered Wheels

This might sound like a risky idea, but the search for weightlessness and better mobility has led people to cambered wheels. The goal is to have only a few inches of rubber between the wheels and the pavement. This way turning corners will not slow you down as it often does for some cars.


Upgrade the Fuel System

Having an upgraded fuel system can be key to the performance of any car. The best way to make this happen is by getting high-flow injectors. If you can make the investment, then you should also get high-flow filters. This way, the entire acceleration body of your car will flow as one, and speeding up will be easier than ever.


Tune the Suspension

The goal of this modification is to improve the performance of your car when taking corners. As mentioned before, this can be a time when most cars really slow down. However, switching your suspension to include large sway bars can be of great help. The ideal system includes two performance bars but you can begin with just the one if necessary. Another way to improve performance is by investing in some sport springs, which will also bring your vehicle closer to the ground.


Throttle Body

After you are done with the air compression, time to think of updating the throttle body and add some more horsepower to your car, of course with the proper engine setup!

Literally, the throttle body is the replacement for the Holley carburetor.

In modern-day times, a throttle body is basically doing what your old Holley carburetor used to do, just with induction air alone (in most cases).

The throttle body is more of a horsepower facilitator than horsepower creator; you need to have a reason to have a high flow racing throttle body or else it won’t make a difference. Not only do high-performance throttle bodies promote increased airflow, but they will also improve throttle response and make the engine feel more alive.


Last but not least, remember to have fun during this process. The idea is to make your car faster but without putting your life or that of your loved ones in danger. Also, you can see this as a long-term project, as you will want to invest and test each mod individually before proceeding with the next one. Most car enthusiasts and tuning experts make this their hobby, and you might be able to do the same if you modify your car wisely and without an unnecessary rush. Enjoy the process and enjoy your ride!

Nathan Barnes is a managing editor at BlaqueDiamond. He became a car enthusiast at the age of four, when his father taught him the difference between Chevy and Ford. In 2012 Nathan put his knowledge in practice and started reporting on cars, races, and the auto industry on different social media platforms. Currently, he’s a happy owner of a 1967 Alfa Romeo and a Lancer GSR and a person who still has lots of topics to cover.