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5 Career Ideas for People Who Love Cars



5 Career Ideas for People Who Love Cars

There is a good reason why so many people are passionate about cars. A good car is an engineering marvel, a contraption that makes all of our lives easier, while still being affordable and pretty ubiquitous. A car can be a thing of sheer practicality, a strong pickup helping you with your work, or a spacious minivan that helps you take care of your family. It can be a thing of raw, rugged beauty, a piece of art like a Rolls Royce or a nice Porsche. Or, they can be power incarnate, a loud and boisterous muscle car, fit for racing, for cruising, for relaxation. They can serve as your safe haven, your safe place. Whether you want to relax or think or get some energy out, just sit behind the wheel, and relax. 

Now, imagine if you can turn this passion into an actual career, into something you can make money off of. Well, you’re in luck, because we got just the thing for you with this article. 


Let’s start with a job that is perhaps the most obvious – mechanic work. This job means you are right there in the trenches. This is a little piece of dirty engineering, of being a problem solver, while also a person working with his hands. 

With solid pay and good hours, you can make a nice career in this. Furthermore, if you truly give your all and study your cars, if you work on improving your skills and knowledge at all times, this kind of work can let you advance. You might even open your own auto shop after some time. 


Maybe the opposite of getting your hands dirty is a career in car journalism. Here you will be working above a keyboard, instead of under a car. However, this doesn’t diminish your passion anymore or less. Here you can write about the latest in the car industry. Whether you are going to write about the industry itself, about the most revolutionary tech that is being published at the moment or simply writing loving pieces about your favorite models, you can definitely find a way to invest your passion and love into this career.

Of course, getting into this kind of work can take a while. You need to have some pieces behind you, a nice portfolio being there to represent you and your work. Magazines, newsletters, newspapers, websites, you will definitely find platforms to write. Getting paid for it will, however, take some time. Keep this perhaps as a side hustle, and see what happens as time goes on. 


Do you prefer sitting behind the wheel instead of actually being over a keyboard or under a car? Then we got the job for you. As a driver, you will be, you guessed it, behind the wheel, driving people around. This is the perfect job for individuals who enjoy spending as much time behind the wheel as possible.

Now, keep in mind that you can have a couple of specializations and career paths when it comes to your driving career. So, if you want to drive something big and heavy, you will need a heavy rigid truck license. Driving a limo also isn’t easy, and will require special training as well. And of course, taxi work requires you to memorize the layout of your city. 

Now, your duties will not be only centered on actually driving. You will also have to maintain the car, know some basic repair work, as well as diagnosing issues and problems your car might have.


If you prefer teaching people about cars, and sharing your love and knowledge, then maybe being a driving instructor is just what you need. Of course, you will need to be patient, stable, and above all knowledgeable about the road and the cars themselves. 

This is also great if you like working with young people, and shaping your minds. It’s also a pretty stable career option.


Finally, good old sales. Here let your enthusiasm and knowledge shine, and actually, sell some cars. Most often jobs like this are commission-based, so you will also have a good goal and source of motivation to make as much money as possible. And just like all the other jobs here, the more you know about your car, the better your career prospects will be. This is also fantastic if you are a people person, as well as a car person. 


So, did you find something interesting, perhaps something that piqued your interest? Маybe working as a driver is right what you need to scratch that automotive itch. Or maybe you’re more suited to sales, being surrounded by beautiful pieces of machinery, while also showing off your people skills? Maybe you want to be a real grease monkey and work as a mechanic, getting into the nitty-gritty of a good car. If you’re more of the literary type, maybe a career in car journalism is what you really need. Or if you enjoy teaching, work as a driving instructor might be exactly what you would like and prefer.

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