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5 Interesting Ways to Add More Storage and Space in your Car Garage



5 Interesting Ways to Add More Storage and Space in your Car Garage

Looking for smart ways to upgrade the storage and space in your garage? Often neglected, the car garage can be turned into a pleasant space to increase its functionality in the number of ways. It is much more than just a mare car parking area- a perfect space for storage and hangouts.

If you haven’t thought about it already, read our interesting tips on how to add more space and storage to your garage right now, and make your garage a delightful treat.

1. Use walls to store more

If your garage space is tight but you want to make it functional, then make the best use of garage space walls. You can do this in a number of ways such as:

  • Make a folding workbench:

    DIY wall-mounted workbench is an ideal choice to store tools. It folds up and down easily, allowing you to store various tools inside it. This set-up covers zero floor space, and you can easily install it with the help a pair of hinges, sturdy screws, and a couple of threaded rolls and overhangs.

  • A complete wall storage system

    : Installing a network of big cabinetry or shelving on garage walls allows you to store everything from tools to ladders. Alternatively, with the help of just a saw and two boards, you can build a rack for the wall to store accessories.


2. Install a big cabinet

In order to build a sturdy bit cabinet, you don’t have to be a professional cabinet maker, rather, this DIY project can be done easily. Just screw 2x2s to the garage wall and ceiling, and then install plywood panel or plexiglass sheet. Screw panel 2x2s from the bottom, top, and the corners of cabinet boxes. You can DIY install custom cut plexiglass shelving into a big wooden frame to store various accessories.

Moreover, vertical shelving or cabinets in the area near the ceiling is the best option to hold seasonal tools such as camping gears and decoration items. You can also use them for long term storage of heavy accessories

3. Utilize ceiling to hang things

Buy some strong and good hooks from a nearby store and install them on the ceiling of garage space to hang heavy accessories like bike, ladders, and kayaks. Alternatively, you can install some high-quality industrial racks. Ceiling racks should be installed by a professional.

To hang accessories vertically like a ladder, install strong rollers with easy sliding on one end. Use 2-inch large screws to tighten the corner braces to the ceiling. Make sure that hooks or racks are securely installed before hanging anything otherwise it may fall onto someone.

4. Build shelving

One of the best yet simple ways to add storage space of your garage is vertical shelving. You can use acrylic glass sheets to build beautiful floating shelving on your garage space’s wall. With the help of custom cut plexiglass, this project becomes quite easier and DIY to do at home in a few hours.

Alternatively, you may go for premade shelving, or install used kitchen cabinetry. Adding some strong hooks along with shelving allows you to hang light accessories such as garden gears, repairing tools and more.

5. Add outdoor storage

Sometimes, the best practice is to use an outdoor storage space to store gears and tools. It is helpful if your car garage is quite small. Building outdoor storage is a DIY project that you can do by following these steps:

  • First of all, frame the walls using pieces of timber or some other study material on the front and plywood on sides. Use top and bottom plates and joists to join two sides of the frame. Use sturdy screws to tighten the frame together.
  • Assemble the roof for frame starting with an L-shaped frame. Add nailers, sheathing, and trim. Cut the rafters and pair them up with screws, and nail them on ridge board.
  • Now set the roof on the frame, screwing on the front and back sides to tighten the roof with the base.

Your outdoor storage project is done. Utilize it to store seasonal tools, garden gears, repairing tools and other accessories.

Bottom Line

Organizing your garage space for more storage and space openness is a DIY project to store tools and free up some room. Utilize the list of ideas above to add more space to your garage and make it a stunning space for various project. However, the list doesn’t end here; you can use it in the number of ways such as an office space, and to sort every kind of accessories.

If you have any better ideas to add more space to care garage, don’t hesitate to share with our readers.