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5 Things to Do in Order to Prevent Radiator Breakdown



5 Things to Do in Order to Prevent Radiator Breakdown

Holden Barina was first launched in 1985 and since then it has mesmerized people with is exciting features and reasonable price. Owning a Holden Barina, therefore comes with great responsibility, especially maintaining the preventative schedule of the vehicle. It is always advisable to be aware of some of these cautionary measures, like radiator upkeep, so as to avoid a breakdown in the road and consequently, costly repairs. 

Holden Barina Radiator Maintenance Tips

Holden Barina Radiator

  • The Coolant Should Be Kept Filled: To ensure long service from the Holden Barina radiator, keep the coolant, also known as the radiator fluid, filled at all times. While most people directly use water for cooling purposes, it is not effective in the long run and can cause the engine to freeze in low temperatures. The ideal coolant is always administered with a fifty percent water mix and fifty percent antifreeze, or you can buy a coolant from the auto store which already has the required amount of water.
  • Bleed the Holden Barina Radiator Regularly: The air that escapes from the water often creates air pockets when it rises to the top of the radiator. For seasonal maintenance, it is essential that you let this excess air out of the system. Start by turning off the system and letting the water cool. Then, turn the small valve at the top counter-clockwise and let the air escape by force of the pressurized system. When the water starts ejecting, turn the valve key counterclockwise again and close the valve.
  • Clean the Radiator Periodically: The radiator should be cleaned at least a couple of times a year. If this routine is hard for you to maintain, you can get this done when you take the vehicle for a rotation of tires or for a change of oil. While doing this, get your combustion chamber cleaned. The chamber might often collect too much residue and fail to perform efficiently. Since cleaning it out by yourself might be too hazardous due to fire risks, you can get it serviced by a professional.
  • Check Boiler Pressure: This should be done after you let out the air from the valve. To check the boiler pressure of the Holden Barina radiator, open the service panel and look out for a temperature and pressure measurement gauge. Normally if the boiler is cold, it should read 1.3 bar, while a hot one should read 1.5-1.8 bar. If the boiler is hot, you need to add more water to the system. You can open a cold water pipe leading to the boiler to let water in, however, close the valve as soon as the boiler pressure reaches 1.3 bar. In case the pressure gets accidentally above 1.3 bar, the pressure relief valve can be used to evacuate water from the system to balance it.
  • Flush Your Radiator: Your car might be subjected to heavy usage all through the year adding up a lot of miles to the dial. In that case, you will have to flush your radiator more than once in a year. If the car is subjected to light usage, then annual flushing will be sufficient. Flushing is an important measure to prevent your Holden Barina radiator from getting clogged with a particle build-up and consequent breakdown. If the flushing is not carried out, then it can spill all over the system and degrade it, thus preventing proper functioning.

By following the tips mentioned above, you can easily maintain a Holden Barina radiator and thereby prevent breakdown, making the system work efficiently. If your radiator is properly maintained, it can last for decades. However, ensure that the water is cool and safe to use before you carry on any of such preventive measures, as hot water or steam in hot boilers can cause severe burns.

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