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6 Questions To Ask To Find The Best Collision Repair Center



6 Questions To Ask To Find The Best Collision Repair Center

Having gone through a car collision is nightmarish. Where you are heaving a sigh of relief that you avoided the doom’s day, you are also bothered by the thought that your car has been wrecked in the accident.

The repair of the car in such a situation can be daunting in many ways; the cost is high, the insurance may not agree to pay it, finding the right collision repair center that undertakes the overall work, whether the car gets restored to its original condition or not? The time it takes for the repair to complete and many more.

Here are six essential questions to ask for finding the best repair center.

1. What Are The Differences In The Services Offered For Different Costs?

The car collision repair center is the place where your car can be restored to its original, i.e., factory-like condition. The cost involved is not cheap; nonetheless, the first price offered by the collision repair center is not necessarily the only one. We all know that most repair companies do have options.

Ask for the different costs and ask them what all is included in the various expenses. The other thing you can make sure of is to ask about the types and brands of the replaceable spares used. The different replaceable things will cost differently, and you can think of going for the cheaper ones.

The collision might have left your vehicle in a wreck, i.e., in an inoperable state. Transporting the car to the location of the repair center will add to the cost. Asking about it beforehand will make you rest assured that you get transparency in prices. Alternatively, you can find other options like towing the car to the center and save there.

2. Do You Give A Warranty?

Some repair centers specialize in collision repairs. They offer end to end repair and servicing of the car. They, because, use new items and make a complete outer transformation; hence, they can provide a warranty on the vehicle. So repair centers do not offer a guarantee as it would add to their cost. Or else, they would add the price but not include the warranty.

Asking ‘Is the warranty included in the cost or not?’, and ‘How long is the warranty valid for?’ can help you get the right answer, your repair mechanic will not cost you exorbitantly and will have to include or exclude the warranty.

Also, take the warranty and its terms and conditions in writing for obvious reasons.

3. What Materials Will You Use For The Repair?

Some unlicensed and uncertified mechanics or collision repair centers may opt for aftermarket, second hand or non-genuine parts. The use of these sub-standard and lowly things can get them better margins in their works.

Knowing the type of materials they are using will help you decide whether you want to choose the substandard parts for low prices or standard and genuine spares for high costs.

Opting for the nonstandard parts can help you get your vehicle up and running if you want to sell it. Choosing standard and genuine parts can help you get your full functionality and use it back to its original condition.

4. Do You Provide Loan Vehicles?

We use cars for our daily work commute. We like taking a long drive at weekends. For the time the vehicle is sent for repair, we may not have an alternative method of locomotion. Some collision repair centers are so considerate to their customers that they offer loan vehicles, i.e., cars for use until your automobile gets fully restored.

The loan vehicles, no doubt, will counteract your impediment of commute. Asking whether they provide loan vehicles will make them feel obliged to offer you one, although at an additional cost.

5. How Long Will The Thorough Repair Take?

The question may be intuitive; however, it is essential to understand the total turnaround time. As pointed above, if you use the car for daily work commute and if the collision repair center does not offer a loan car, then you can get a clear picture in the total repair time.

With this, you can set the right expectations at your work or manage the time accordingly.

6. Will The Paint Look Like Original?

An overall repair of the car after the wreckage will need to be touched up by paint. In the worst cases, the whole exterior needs to be painted up. Asking whether the color that they will apply will look like original will help you get the right answer, and you may need to adjust your budget a little.


These were six essential questions to ask for finding the best collision repair center.