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Automotive window tint may be for you if you want to improve your vehicle’s appearance and gain some additional benefits that you might not even be aware of. This article aims to clarify the several types of window tint that are offered as well as the numerous advantages of having your car’s windows tinted beyond aesthetics.



Dyed Window Film –


A very popular and cost-effective option for vehicle auto tint  film is dyed window film. For a flat, non-reflective appearance, this type sandwiched a layer of dyed polyester between an adhesive and scratch-resistant top coat. Due to its low cost, it is frequently a starting point option. It still blocks 99% of the UV rays and has excellent glare-reducing qualities even though it doesn’t block as much heat as other alternatives.


Metal Hybrid Window Film –


You can have your windows tinted with a metal hybrid film for improved performance while yet keeping a reasonable pricing point. The film’s ability to lower heat more effectively than coloured films thanks to the metal layer is one of its advantages. This, however, comes at the expense of a little more reflecting appearance and potential electronic interference.


Carbon Window Film 


Window tinting using carbon has gained a lot of popularity. While retaining the gorgeous appearance of a dyed window film, they frequently reduce heat in comparable amounts to a metal hybrid film. Additionally, they don’t tamper with electronic equipment. There is a price for this, though. Window films made of carbon are often sold at a mid-range pricing.


Ceramic or IR Rejection Window Film


The greatest car tinting available today is these films. These films often look fantastic and are non-reflective while rejecting the highest amounts of heat in the industry. Additionally, these movies won’t disrupt devices. However, because they are so good at almost everything, expect to spend a little bit more for this tint than for some of the others.




Temperatures Inside Your Car 


All window tint will aid in lowering interior temperatures, however some window tints do it more effectively than others (We will discuss that below). keeps the sweltering summer heat outside of your car, where it belongs!


Reduced Glare


On bright days, vehicle tint can also prevent you from becoming blinded by harmful glare because it dims visible light to variable degrees. like a good set of sunglasses on a sunny day.


Less Eye Fatigue


Window tint, as we already established, lessens glare. Your eyes will have to work much less hard to keep their focus on the road when there is less glare. After installing window film, some people even claim to experience fewer headaches and migraines while driving.


Increased UV Protection 


A window film is similar to applying an incredible sunscreen to your car’s windows. The majority of high-quality window films shield you against a major contributor to melanoma, premature ageing, and cataracts by blocking 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays. For additional details on this, go HERE to view an article from The Skin Cancer Foundation.


Added Security


auto tinting  could lessen the chance of a break-in from a vandal who discovers anything valuable inside. Making your possessions less obvious may reduce your risk of a break-in. Crimes of opportunity are a major category of theft.


Reduce Glass Shatter-Risk


In fact, some window films can lessen your chance of glass-shattered injury. Strong adhesive in a shatter-resistant film grabs onto the glass fragments if your automobile is hit in an impact, keeping you safer in an accident.

As you think about getting the windows of your car tinted, we hope this article was helpful. Click HERE for additional details on the high-quality window tinting solutions we provide for automobiles. Call (586) 359-2055 or fill out the form on the Contact Us page if you have any questions or would like to make an appointment. We are based in Fraser, serve the neighbourhood, and are eager to assist you.