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How Much Pressure Will It Take To Burst A Tire?



Tyre-related issues

Car tyres are undoubtedly the most important accessory for a car. The smoothness of the drive heavily depends on the quality and maintenance of your tyre. Therefore, experts always recommend you inflate your tyres to the factory-recommended level and avoid faulty driving methods to prevent tyre bursts. A rapid loss of pressurised air results in a tyre bursting. But how much pressure does it need to burst a tire? Here are all the information regarding it.

However, before moving on to all the necessary information regarding tyre bursts, it is important to ensure proper maintenance. This would be impossible without keeping the right accessories handy with you. The two most important accessories you need to inspect and inflate your tyres regularly are a tyre pressure gauge and a tyre inflator. You can put your hands on the best tyre inflator in India at Carorbis.

To enhance the driving experience and make the maintenance of tyres easy and simple, most modern cars come with a preinstalled tyre pressure monitoring system that provides real-time information on tyre pressure to the driver. These allow the drivers to ensure the utmost safety on the road. Corbis offers some of the best car electronic accessories that will do wonders for your riding experience. 

When Do A Tyre Burst?

Tyre bursts occur due to intense loss of pressurised air from the tyre. This compromises the tire’s structural integrity, making it unsuitable to hold the air inside it any longer. The pressurised air thus escapes the tyre by tearing the rubber wall of the tyre, wrestling to an explosion and heavy damage to the tyre that needs immediate replacement.

How Much Pressure Does It Need To Burst A Tire?

The standard rate of tyre pressure in passenger cars recommended by most manufacturers varies between 30-35 PSI. Due to heat and overspeeding on highways, the temperature inside the tyre tends to rise. This, however, increases the tyre pressure to about 5 PSI. At the same time, 200 PSI is the burst pressure of a tyre.

How To Prevent A Tyre Burst?

The simplest way to prevent a tyre bust is to inspect your tyres every time before you sit inside your car for a drive. Every tyres come with a tread wear indicator bar which shows the tire’s condition and when it needs to be replaced. The ideal tyre depth should be 1.5mm. If you see this decrease, you must understand that your tyres need immediate replacement. If immediate replacement is not possible, you need to drive at a slow speed to avoid any mishaps.

However, there are a few safety tips to help you secure your journey and prevent tyre bursts. These are mentioned below.

Ensure That Your Tyres Are Inflated To The Right PSI:

One of the frequent causes of tyre bursts is under-inflation which can cause due to various reasons, including the change in weather conditions. With the increase in heat, the pressure inside the tyre increases, and a decline in temperature reduces the tyre pressure. 

Therefore it is important to maintain the factory-recommended tyre pressure. This you can ensure with the help of a pressure gauge if you don’t have a tire pressure monitoring system. If your tyres are running flat, quickly push in some air with the help of a tyre inflator. 

Avoid Overloading Your Car:

Overloading your car can be one of the many reasons causing your tyres to burst. Each car comes with a weight limit that it can carry without inviting any trouble. Sticking to that limit will help you ride safely and make your tyres less vulnerable to damage. You can easily find this limit in the user manual offered to you during the initial purchase of your vehicle.

Check The Speed Rating Of The Tyre Before Purchasing:

It is extremely important to check the tire’s speed rating before making your final decision. It is prominently mentioned on the tire’s sidewall and varies with the car’s different speeds. Inspecting this beforehand will help you to stay safe.

Choose Reputation Brands Only:

Choosing low-quality tyres and or local brands that don’t offer any guarantee of the product can invite various hazards. On the other hand, opting for branded products might be costly but will provide cost-effectively in the long run as it comes with a fixed-guarantee period.

Final Thoughts:

Follow these tips to ensure a smooth drive throughout. It would be best if you kept in mind that a tyre pressure of about 200 PSI will burst a tire. Your driving conditions should not make room for such high PSI. This will not only damage your expensive tyres but will also impose threats of accidents. Keep all the necessary car tyre accessories handy before heading out on a trip. 

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