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How to Save Money on Auto Repairs



How to Save Money on Auto Repairs

Australia is a country of surfing and road trips, so sprawling metropolises like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and others certainly have a fair share of mechanics, some of which are ready to reach deep into your pocket for any necessary repair. This is why it is perfectly legitimate to cut corners wherever you can, without sacrificing the integrity of your vehicle, of course. If you value every nickel and dime of your hard-earned cash, here’s how to save money on auto repairs.

Don’t ignore first symptoms

This tip may seem a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised at how often people forgo a visit to the mechanic in spite of the early signs of disrepair. On the one hand, this is understandable – we are always chasing some immediate work-related obligation, often delaying a simple intervention our instinct implies we should do.

Don't ignore first symptoms

A creaky movement, an unpleasant mechanical sound, the delayed performance – these are all tell-tale warning signs that you should put down what you’re doing and take your car straight to the mechanic. Try to do this next time, as the price you pay for vehicular negligence increases several times over with every delay.

DIY tweaks and tricks

There are several tweaks, tricks, and repairs you can do by yourself and extend the mileage of your car before the next maintenance significantly. You can wash your car in the backyard (if you own the car) more often, change wiper blades by yourself, replace the old air filter every now and then and, of course, make sure all the necessary liquids and oils are topped off and changed. Even if you’ve never done any of these things before, you can easily learn it with a simple Google search.

Stay faithful to a mechanic

Sydney has a rich selection of mechanics and car repair ‘joints’, so you should use these circumstances to your favor and embark on a meticulous search for an establishment that covers everything you can imagine.

Stay faithful to a mechanic

You may require elaborate motor repairs or battery changes beneath the hood, but you should also keep in that, for example, quality hail damage repair in Sydney is sought after more often than you would think. In other words, dents, creases, wears, and tears will chip away at your money much faster unless you find a mechanic that knows your car in and out and a professional to whom you will be a trusted customer.

Invest in better parts

If you want to save money on auto repairs, you can do some of the maintenance yourself and, of course, you will see to it that you purchase reasonably priced parts and liquids, right? This might be a mistake – investing in better, more costly parts like better air filters, branded liquids with reputable track records and good tires may require a few extra bucks out of your wallet, but the immediate investment pays off manifold in the long run. You can also purchase some small trinkets and materials such as tire plugs, which may add an impressive mileage to your tires.

Monitoring makes all the difference

While noticing early symptoms, as mentioned above, can save you a small fortune in repairs, there are several details you should monitor vigilantly even while they are working perfectly fine. More specifically, you should monitor your brake pads in order to keep them in optimal condition, and you should definitely monitor your car battery and see to it that it is replaced every time it goes. In fact, this is one of the things you can add to your list of car items you can learn to replace yourself in order to save on auto repairs.

Do not forget your warranties

Pretty much every part of your vehicle comes with a warranty, which is often limited but it can also be of a lifetime variety.  It is perfectly legitimate to exploit this arrangement, but you have to pay close attention to what has the accompanying warranty and for how long. As you purchase your vehicle (and its parts) ask for this information – which should also be printed out on the receipt.

Keep track of it on a singular piece of paper at home which you can, for example, nail onto a corkboard in your garage. This will give you a fairly confident overview on what can be replaced for free. Otherwise, if you forget about warranties, you will end up spending quite a dime on repairs.

Finally, consult the owner manual

This may sound like a superfluous activity, but if you familiarize yourself with details in your owner manual, you can actually sniff out dishonest mechanics fairly easily. Furthermore, these manuals can even teach you a trick or two about the maintenance of a specific car part, and you can start putting these instructions to practice, thus eliminating the need for a mechanic in certain situations.

Car expenses can be quite bothersome because they can come out of nowhere. Vehicle maintenance is a costly business anyway, and you should make peace with the fact that it is an unavoidable fate of every car, but as you add miles to your wheels, there’s a great chance unexpected malfunctions will crop up more often. In order to save as much money as possible and keep your vehicle going, you can actually rely on several nifty tricks – some of them mentioned above– to keep auto repairs financially manageable.

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