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Is Renting a Car in Dubai a Reliable Choice?



Dubai, the tourist hub is known for its iconic buildings, luxurious lifestyle, mesmerizing natural beauty, and most of all excellent hosting services. The reason is that it facilitates visitors with all kinds of tourism services like economic transport, residence, and dining options all around the state. However, most visitors face difficulties in the selection of the best transport service.  

Dubai offers one of the best public transport systems that include metro trains, public buses, and trams. People can also hire cabs or taxis but it’s quite expensive. Moreover, people can also enjoy daily and weekly car rental Dubai services to rent any type of car at cheap rates. It’s one of the most convenient ways to travel in Dubai with comfort and privacy.  

Dubai is home to renting car services that exhibit a huge collection of cars depending on size, shape, and model. From casual to economy and business to luxurious class, one can rent any type of car at cheap rates. However, the quality of rental car services depends on the vendor’s credibility and selection of car.  

Why Renting a Car is a Reliable Choice?  

Renting a car is the most popular trend to travel with ease and speed in Dubai. However, most people thought it was an additional burden to their valet health. While they ignore the additional costs and stress of hiring taxis or cabs in case of using public transport. To clear this confusion of people about renting car services, we need to illustrate both the pros and cons of these services.  

If you are in Dubai and finding it difficult to choose or not rent car services, you can use this guide to make a better choice.  

Pros of Rental Cars  


Renting a car is one of the most economical choices. It not only offers all types of cars at cheap rents but also offers insurance policies that help you to cover all types of repairs and health care costs in case of any accident which saves you a lot of money. Moreover, the fuel prices are also too cheap in Dubai which also promotes the use of rental car services.  

Time Friendly  

In the case of using public transport, passengers have to weigh for 30 minutes at the bus stop and strictly follow the timetable. Public buses stay 5-10 minutes at each stop which results in massive time consumption. Moreover, it also does not provide access to exact locations which results in costs both time and money. While renting a car allows you to travel anywhere, anytime.  

Comfort and Privacy  

 Another benefit of using a rental car service is the comfort and privacy. Unlike public transport, you do not need to share your rental car with anyone and travel with your family or friends in complete privacy. It also allows you to reach an exact location in an emergency or in a hurry which makes it a more comfortable choice than public transport.  

Freedom of Choice   

Renting car services provides you with freedom of choice because they exhibit a huge collection of cars in all sizes, colors, and types. You can select any type of car according to your traveling needs, desires, and budget.  

Luxurious Traveling Experience  

Rental services also provide you with the opportunity to live your dream of riding a luxurious car on the mysterious roads of Dubai without spending a bank of money. From Lamborghini to Bugatti, and Land Cruise to Ferrari, you can select any car and hit the height of luxury.  

Cons of Renting Car Services  


 Renting a car is a bit more expensive than using public transport. However, it helps you to eliminate the cost of hiring taxis or cabs which can save you a lot of time. And the selection of a credible platform also provides you with free delivery and insurance policy offers.  

Age Limit  

Dubai is very strict in rules and regulations that are strictly applicable to each type of service. To avail of renting car services in Dubai, one must have a minimum of 20 years of age and some require 25 years.  

Risk of Scams  

Though Dubai is a crime-free state, the risk of scams and fraud always exist that can cost you both time and money loss. However, selecting a credible platform like One Click Drive can eliminate this risk.  

Final Verdict  

Renting car services provide unlimited benefits with a comfortable and luxurious driving experience. Moreover, they provide all types of cars for both short and long-term use and one can easily select monthly, weekly, daily, or even an hourly car rental Dubai according to their traveling services. Therefore, renting a car is a reliable choice to move in and around the city freely.