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Must-Have Car Technologies for 2019



Must-Have Car Technologies for 2019

Automotive technology is advancing at a rapid pace. Every year we get to see new gadgets being released and many drivers falling in love with them. No matter what car you own and how much time you spend on the road, there are devices that can keep you safe and improve your driving experience. So, if you’re looking to add something new into your driving arsenal, there are plenty of technologies you can choose from. And to help you, we came up with five of these we expect to see gain a lot of attention in 2019.

Backup cameras

Not so long ago, you had to turn your head to see what’s behind your car. Some of the newest vehicles out there come with backup cameras that provide you with a clear view of what’s behind you.

Backup cameras

The benefits that come with backup cameras are obvious. No longer do you have to worry about hitting the back of your car as you’ll have a high-resolution image to rely on. Some vehicles are equipped with 360-degree cameras that allow you to take a look at everything around your car.

Automatic emergency braking

It seems like our devices and vehicles are constantly getting smarter. The proof of this is the new automatic emergency braking system that can save your life. Basically, how this system works is that there are sensors that recognize danger and stop the car for you autonomously. The reason why having this feature is a good idea is that modern technology can respond quicker than the human brain cell and stop the car as soon as danger presents itself. Engineers have even come up with an automatic emergency braking system that can read the car two places ahead.

Car-to-car communication

We’ve all heard so much about self-driving cars lately. However, these things are still unproven and it seems like we’re about to see cars that communicate with each other. What this means is that your car can help you make the right decisions based on what the car in front of you does and where you’re going. While this technology will prove to be popular, it seems like it’s still not there. So, before you get yourself a car that communicates with other vehicles out there, it’s very important that you invest in parts that can help you stay safe right now such as fittings and antilock brakes (ABS).

GPS system

This one is a bit obvious but there’s no way GPS system can be left out from this list. Written directions are cool but there’s no better way to get to your destination than to use a GPS system.

GPS system

With a voice guiding you through the quickest possible route to your destination, you’ll be guaranteed to fall in love with this device. Not to mention that in case your car gets stolen, police can use your GPS system to locate it. It’s also important to note that GPS technology is constantly evolving and these little things are now extremely easy to use.

Padded knee bolster

Knee injuries are pretty common when it comes to car accidents and engineers have been working on ways to reduce them. Get this device for your car and you’ll be assured you and other passengers stay in the position that makes it more difficult for knee injuries to occur. Most importantly, this device prevents you or any other passenger from sliding beneath your instrument table. This means the chances of you or anyone else in the car getting trapped or injuring any other parts of your body are way lower.

With these five technologies, there’s no doubt your car driving experience will improve in 2019. Just make sure you keep an eye for some new gadgets and gizmos worth having in your car.

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