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Top 3 Mods for Honda CM400



Honda CM400

Your Honda CM400 is an absolute classic. This cruiser has the look and feels you’ve always wanted in a bike, and since 1979, this run of motorcycles has set the standard on what a good cruising bike should look like. However, this bikes standard build is now a few decades out of date, and its performance could benefit from a little boost if you want to continue to show your bike off on a day to day basis. Fortunately, you don’t have to wreck that classic look to achieve better performance. Check out the top 3 mods for Honda CM400 to make your classic bike’s performance rival even the beefiest modern machines:


Smaller Front Sprockets

One of the major places where the stock CM400 suffers in terms of performance is speed. In many cases, this bike is only capable of reaching around 62 MPH at the high end, which is problematic when it comes to modern-day highway travel. Sprockets are some of the genuine Honda CM400 parts that can be used to remedy this issue. Gearing up by installing a smaller sprocket on your front end allows you to reach higher speeds with your bike. However, this comes at the cost of decreased lower-end acceleration and performance, making it a better option for those cruisers who pull a great deal of highway time rather than those who choose to poke around town.


Updated Exhaust System

Your exhaust system has a bigger impact on your performance than almost any other part of your bike. This system is responsible for venting the gasses and heat from your engine, giving the engine itself plenty of space to “breathe” and create the power you need to keep moving forward. Unfortunately, systems from the 1980s just aren’t as efficient as modern systems. However, you can update your exhaust system from top to bottom using newer parts to keep your system cleaner and up your speed and power to make your ride more fit for the modern road.


Upgraded Tires

If you want the best of the best for your classic bike, then modifying your tires should be one of your first steps. There’s more to updating a CM400 than increasing your power and speed; handling and traction are also imperative to have a safe, comfortable drive. Updating your tires gets you just that, with treads designed for long-haul use and a grip that keeps you moving forward in all conditions. Options like the tubeless Metzler ME 77 Motorcycle Tire and the IRC GS-11 Motorcycle Tire are great options for a CM400. They offer a perfect fit and economical performance while looking slim and natural on this cruiser’s smaller build.

Your CM400 is an absolute beauty of a bike with a range of charms that it’s impossible to find in more recent cruiser alternatives, and it would be a shame to lock it away simply because its parts aren’t up to facing challenges of the modern road. Check out Honda motorcycle parts online to get the best aftermarket motorcycle parts and updates for your bike and keep it road-worthy for years to come.

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