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What to know before taking your car to a service center?



Car Detailing

Looking for a good mechanic is the perfect way to maintain your car and keep it going well for many years to come. Just keep in mind these few things before taking your car in for service.

Manage Transportation to and from the Repair Shop

Be sure to ask about complimentary service when setting your appointment with any reliable car service center in Dubai! It’s great to call ahead and schedule an appointment to make sure you don’t end up in line behind a lot of other cars.

Find out how long your car might be required to be in the shop based on the service you need. If it is extended from a reasonable period that you may desire to spend staying in the lobby, manage for your drop back to your home.

Wheel Balancing & Rotation / Tyre Condition

If you are obtaining alignment as well as rotation carried out along with service, mark the tires so that you can be ascertained they are rotated. You may even claim an alignment report.

Give an appealing look at the tyres/wheels before putting forward your car, particularly if you have new tyres. If feasible, put a small mark. In case your tyres are full of Nitrogen, keep your Service Manager well-informed.

Documents / Tool kit / Belongings / Boot

 Keep track of the user manual, although it is for a paid service. Just to be on the safer side, it’s recommended that you display all the documents. Withdraw all separable elements. Make sure no USBs / CDs are in the slot. Get rid of the personal belongings and tool kit.

If it’s not feasible, you can ask the service advisor to display this on the Job sheet to make sure that it does not get misplaced while the car is being serviced. It’s a conventional courtesy to put all unwanted things out of your car before taking it in for service.

Be That the Mechanic Can Easily Contact You

In the case the mechanic is not able to reach you, the repair can’t move ahead. Therefore, your car will be kept unattended in the shop. You can provide your work-time phone number as a backup record with the repair shop and tend to make yourself approachable so you can attend in case of requirement.

Road Test

In case you have any important issue to be solved, it’s suggestible to take a test drive with the car service advisor. Most frequently, it’s the diminutive issues that later on aggravate and make the issues worse than they actually were in the beginning. Please make sure that the problem is well understood from its core, no matter how trifling the issue might be.

Give the Mechanic Room to Work

In case you stick around the shop because the work is expected to go quickly, don’t hover over the mechanic’s shoulder. It’s appropriate to spend time pointing out issues with your car when you arrive in the first point of time. But the moment you’ve explained yourself, catch a cup of coffee and wait in the lobby so the mechanic can focus on the job which is available.

Odometer Reading

Maintain a record of your Odometer readings just after reaching the service center and maintain it in the Note / Invoice. This will further convey to you if the car was driven more than it is required while being in the service center.

Work Order / Job Sheet

It’s one of the best practices to maintain a job sheet, irrespective of the station to which you offer your car for service. Be certain that you genuinely check your car and ascertain the sheet right before handing it over to guarantee that all the ins and outs have been authentically recorded. While providing your car for service, you must mention all faults that are required to be taken care of.

Thinking along the lines of taking your Car in for Service?

You must not take this for granted. Look for any of the reliable car detailing in Dubai. Take your car in for everything, right from a regular oil change or tune-up to repair of your car brakes or even a transmission service. Keep these aforementioned tips well in mind to make your car servicing experience an incredible one!

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