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Which window tint is right for you?



We’ve noticed a tremendous increase in inquiries concerning window tinting as summer approaches. We all enjoy spending time outside, but because of the fierce New Zealand heat, we must slip, slop, slap, and wrap up before spending the day at the beach. In the same way, heat, glare, and UV rays can seriously harm your home’s interior design. Window tints are a fantastic solution, but the market is flooded with an enormous variety.

Here is a list of some of the most typical summertime issues and the various window tinting options you have.

Heat and glare

Heat and glare are major issues here because of the intense kiwi sun, which rips through our windows. We believe you should consider a slight tint if you have seats near a window or feel the need to use sunglasses indoors. The good news is that you don’t have to completely darken your home to reduce the heat and brightness.

Fading of furniture, art, carpet and flooring

You may already be aware of NZ’s high UV index due to how easily you may become sunburned there. Additionally, the sun’s UV radiation can harm wooden flooring as well as fade the colours of your carpet, furniture, and home decor. The correct window film can greatly slow this process and keep your house looking new.

Daytime privacy

In Auckland, longer days might mean being seen by neighbours and bystanders for longer. Window tinting help to let all that extra daylight in while keeping nosy eyes out if you’re searching for more daytime seclusion.

Sun control window films

You’ll be searching for a sun control window film if you have any of these typical summer problems. There are numerous varieties of sun control window film available. It is expertly placed to the inside of your windows and acts to block out heat, glare, and harmful UV rays, safeguarding you and the furnishings in your house. Although sun control window films are frequently referred to as window tints, not all of them are tinted or even have the same appearance.

Depending on the style and usefulness you choose, you can select from a variety of looks, ranging from the traditional, mirrored tint to a “no tint” look.

Reflective film

Metallic film delivers the traditional tinted window appearance and is available in a variety of finishes, from barely reflective to completely mirror-like. Because of this film’s ability to reflect light, your windows appear silver from the outside. Despite the fact that silver is the usual, you have the option of choosing a bronze-reflective film to give your windows a bronze appearance from the outside. Additionally, this comes in a range of reflectivenesses.

It’s significant to remember that reflective film changes at night. At night, you’ll notice that it has a mirror-like appearance from inside. You will also have more privacy with reflective film throughout the day but not at night. Be sure to talk about this if you want to maintain your nighttime views or require privacy at night without using shades or drapes.

The ‘no tint’ look

More and more individuals prefer the advantages of sun protection above the tinted, reflected appearance. Tinting is an option if you want to lessen heat, glare, and fading without sacrificing further daytime privacy. Ceramic film can reduce heat and glare without significantly altering the appearance of your windows because it is hardly perceptible. The coloured appearance you get with reflective film won’t be present. Depending on the amount of heat and glare reduction your space requires, there are several levels of protection.


A qualified professional should always apply window tints or “tints.” Contact a window tinting professional in your area before making your choice to make sure you’re selecting the right film for your house.

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