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Why You Should Have a Robust Digital Marketing Strategy




The importance of digital marketing has increased manifold today. Give considerable attention to creating and optimizing your digital marketing strategy today and save your business from inflation. What are the important steps you should consider when you develop your marketing strategy? The answer to this question you will get in this article. Making your own strategy is still a challenge that many businesses face. Because no one can deny the importance of digital and mobile channels today in grabbing the attention of customers. Despite all this, the majority of businesses don’t have an integrated plan to adopt digital transformation and brand growth.

In addition to this, there is strong competition in the market which demands effective business plans to compete with others. On the other hand, if your business doesn’t have a proactive marketing plan and digital marketing strategy, you can end up costing your business. In this article, we will tell why this strategy is important for your business and what its main ingredients are.

Six Pillars of Digital Marketing

While training and consulting on marking strategy, six areas hold vital importance in a digital marketing strategy template. These are important to manage your business well and improve results. With the size of a business, the way you handle the changes. For example, there may be a team for each in large businesses. While one person as a digital marketing manager may be responsible for all in smaller businesses. Let’s now throw light on these pillars.

1: Strategy and Governance/Management

Goals; analytics, integration, strategy (targeting, segmentation, brand positioning), resourcing, marketing, and sales alignment, marketing technology, structure, and data

2: Goals and Measurement

Forecasts, attribution, and digital reporting including KPI dashboards, and customer insight

3: Media

Owned, paid, and earned media including search, social, and display ads

4: Experience

Customer service. Mobile/desktop apps and website

5: Messaging

On-site interaction and personalization, customer service, social media, chat, email

6: Content

Interactive tools, PDF downloads, and product and blog content to further strengthen content marketing

Tracking the Performance of the Marketing Strategy

One must know how to invest capital in the business. Many businesses cast a wide net in early digital marketing strategy. Imagine you are excessively spending money on Google AdWords, print ads, and SEO and getting little in return. In this scenario, you must rethink and divide the money between two productive marketing strategies. Continuing to invest in plans that are not producing results is like living in a fool’s paradise. You must invest your money in those initiatives that produce maximum results. Look at these five methods to determine your performance and include them in your digital marketing strategy template.

1: Analytics for Your Website

Google Analytics is the most comprehensive and powerful solution that collects data in manageable formats. This way, you can examine the performance of your marketing efforts except for business card marketing. 

2: Conversion Tracking for Ad Networks

Conversion monitoring is important because it shows how well your strategy is functioning in website transactions, phone calls, app downloads, newsletter sign-ups, and more.

3: Phone Monitoring

In addition to business card marketing, phone monitoring is one of the most effective ways of using your top-generation sources. It helps you track down where your money is best spent and who is calling from where.

4: CRM Monitoring

Salespersons make a profile for all their prospects by using a CRM which includes your name, phone number, company, lead source, and any other information. Like custom boxes, the use of these pieces of info helps brands overview their strategy.

5: KPI Monitoring

A Key Performance Indicator means any data that tell you about the effectiveness of your campaign. This indicator is useful in analyzing the performance of your campaign as customer feedback is helpful in styling custom boxes.