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5 Proven Ways To Build Your Credit In 2019



5 Proven Ways To Build Your Credit In 2019

Having a bad, poor and or no credit score can keep you from doing many important things in day to day life like financing educations, getting a personal loan and most importantly buying a dream home. That is the reason, it is very important to build a strong credit history in 2019 in order to get what you need done. Getting your first secured credit card can be the very first step towards building a strong credit history as everything involves. You’re credit turns into an important part of your credit history.

Good credit cannot be built quickly because it requires a multi-pronged approach and there is no overnight solution to become an individual with good credit scores. No one can build good credit overnight, but there are plenty of strategies and approaches that can be used to build credit comparatively rapidly.


I recently got a chance to interview Mr. Leonard Person Jr. who is the Founder and CEO of MyHouseGram. He is also a Real Estate Expert that Specialize and teaches Strategic And Creative Real Estate investing like Quiet title litigation (Receiving Properties back mortgage free), wholesale Acquisition deals, buying and selling non-performing notes, including the Basics of doing Fix and Flips Etc. He also Specializes in Credit Repair in 90 days and Business Lines Of Credit for startup companies. In the interview, Leonard has shared how you can build and leverage your credit. From our conversation below are the few things I’ve learned that stood out to me the most.



A very first and most effective thing you can do to raise your credit score is add on the “TradeLines”. It is a service that offers revolving credit cards with good and lengthy credit history. Basically, it is a form of “piggyback riding” in which they make you an authorized user of someone else credit card. The actual credit limit and credit score the credit card account holder will be shown on your credit report once you are successfully added as the authorized user. It is a great way to boost your credit score up to 100 or more.


Apply for a Great Credit Card

As it is mentioned above that applying for a credit card can be the very first and effective step towards credit building, you should apply for one with fewer requirements and great benefits offered. Secured credit cards are known as best to build credit because they are easier to get if someone is capable to control the available credit limit by paying huge collateral. Being accountable with bigger credit limits not only helps you boost credit score but also enables you to apply for an unsecured card with a higher credit limit. Once you will have great credit, you will be able to get a line of credit for your small business without providing the authorities with the tax return and other proofs.

Keep your Balances 30% or less of your Credit Limit

According to credit experts, one should keep credit utilization ratio below 30% of his/her credit limit to build an excellent credit score. Since overuse of available credit limit on a credit card can lose your credit score, the best way to avoid such situation is simply to be aware of how much you pay by using your each credit card. Setting up balance alerts and asking for higher credit limits are the best ways to maintain an ideal credit utilization ratio to build a good credit history. However, use of multiple credit cards is another great way to build credit because you will be able to stop using your first card when it reached to 30% of your credit limit and switch to another one to make payments.

Use Business Line of Credit as a Down Payment for Purchasing investment properties

A business line of credit offers benefits and flexibility that common business loan cannot. Use of the business line of credit as down payments for investment properties you are about to purchase can also be a quick way to build credit without getting drowned into debt. Moreover, you can also use the business line of credit for renovations to fix and flip or to make other big purchases. In results, you will have a good impact on your overall credit report.

Become a Home Owner

Being a homeowner after borrowing a mortgage proves you as a responsible spender that can have a direct impact on your credit scores ultimately. The more costs you will spend to live such as utilities and other payments, these can have an effect on your credit score when you will be using your credit card to make payments. Repayment of the mortgage according to the terms can do wonders for you when it comes to building good credit scores. However, owning a home alone will not boost your credit score but taking out a mortgage may help you build credit

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