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5 Ways to Change your Life and Reach your Goals with Lucas Aylward



5 Ways to Change your Life and Reach your Goals with Lucas Aylward

Today, I spoke with Marketing and personal branding expert Lucas Aylward. We spoke on how he’s drastically improved his life and reached many of his goals. Lucas is the host of “The Sky’s the limit Podcast”, which hit #39 on the Canadian charts in 2019, and founder of SkySoar Marketing: a digital agency based out of St. John’s, Newfoundland.

1. Break your big goals into smaller goals

Breaking your big goals into smaller goals will help you drastically. The reason it’s such a good idea is that it gives you a sense of accomplishment when you reach your smaller goals, and it pushes you to progress forward. Smaller goals will lead to the next, providing you with a domino effect. You can also dedicate more time to focus on a smaller goal, ideally, you set weekly goals.  For example, you have a goal to lose 50 pounds in a year. This goal can be broken down into a smaller goal of 1 pound a week. You would then dedicate every week to losing 1 pound, and once you hit that smaller goal you’re pushing yourself to achieve the same thing next week.

2. Surround yourself with the right people

Your environment can play a huge role in your success. It is very hard to go outside of your comfort zone and try new things if the people around you are providing negative energy towards your decision. If your friends are being negative towards you, and they don’t support your new goals and ambitions, then you should reconsider them as a friend.

3. Study success

Whatever goal you’re trying to achieve, there’s a 100% chance that someone else is currently living where you want to be. In this situation, really study what they did to get there. Study them and follow in their footsteps, replicate their actions with your own individuality.

4. Wake up earlier

Waking up earlier can provide a ton of benefits when looking to reach goals, or improve yourself. If you get up early, you’re ahead of the masses. Start waking up 30 minutes earlier, and use that time productively.

5. Stay consistent

Of course, this will sound cliche, but it’s the truth. If you don’t stay consistent you will not reach your goals. You must push yourself to work hard day in and day out. It’s not always going to be a walk in the park, but as long as you push yourself to grow you will come out on top.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.