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7 Home-based Business Ideas That Are Easy To Start



Home-based Business

If you’re thinking of quitting your nine to five job and being your own boss or you don’t have a job yet and you are absolutely interested in becoming your own boss and work from home, you have probably considered a lot of home-based business ideas but you can’t seem to find a path. 

Well, there are abundances of home-based business ideas but finding the “ideal” home-based business idea mainly depends on an aspiring entrepreneur’s personality and skills to earn money. Aspiring entrepreneurs should  clarify the following questions when considering the best home-based business idea;

  • What do you have a passion for?
  • Where is there a need in the market and can your skills satisfy that need?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • Do you have the ideal work environment to execute your preferred home-based business idea?


Note that your answers to these questions should be able to point you in the path of your ideal home-based business. 

To help, I handpicked a list of seven home-based business ideas for those who want to work from home and be their own bosses. Let’s look at them! 


7 Home-based Business Ideas That Are Easy To Start


The daycare market is massive! Childcare will continue to be in high demand. If you’re someone that loves toddlers, starting a daycare facility is a great option for you. Many moms are looking for who will help them take care of their children while they’re off at work or they have somewhere else to be so why not help out with the job. Fill in your neighbourhood by starting your own bakery. You can absolutely start this business at home. A license is very vital in this business. Make sure you’re complying with the city or state’s licensure, insurance, and inspection requirements. This type of business can help you build a steady income. 

There are lots of options for you in the daycare business. You can either go the full-time nanny routine or organize a childcare service out of your home. 


Wally Amos made a colossus success out of famous Amos cookies. If you’re a professional baker, a semi-professional baker or even an aspiring baker consider opening your own bakery at home. Anyone would pay good money for a great cake and pastries for occasions. Unlike catering, baking doesn’t require a commercial kitchen. It can be done from the comfort of your home kitchen as long as they meet the health department prerequisites. You can check your state’s and local conditions to know what you’ll need to get your bakery launched. 

Dry cleaning

Feel free to fill in this market gap if you’re an expert at doing laundry. Everyone definitely needs a dry cleaner. Starting a dry-cleaning business isn’t really difficult. You can start in the comfort of your laundry and expand later with the right marketing and word of mouth referral.

Freelance copywriting & content creation

Content is king“- a saying you might have heard before. If you have writing skills, there is someone out there willing to pay for them. More businesses are trying to produce high quality written resources like blog posts, guest posts, newsletters, etc. Copywriting or content marketing could be one of the best home-based business ideas for a wordsmith like you. Make sure you have a body of work built up to share with potential clients – blog posts, magazine articles, etc. There is plenty of room for every aspiring copywriter. Sites like Elance & Upwork are great for ‘newbies’ to start. Even bloggers need writes for their blog posts. 


writing about everything you love, testing out new recipes or lifehacks, and earning money through advertising or by acquiring sponsorship from companies in exchange for reviews- in your pajamas and not having to get out of bed is everyone’s dream job. Blogging is not for everyone though. Blogging needs lots of dedication, hard work, and patience to build up your readership in other to make it your full-time job. Joshua Micah and Darren Rowse make millions of dollars from blogging and so can you. Be consistent

Clothing line

Dream of owning your own clothing line? Why not start by creating your designs and making them your brand. Remember that you’ll need an inspiring and attractive social media to account to showcase your clothing line and create awareness. This business idea can be home-based as well but will need some initial funding to make a reality of the designs you created. This business idea is really fun but can be challenging. It is advisable to start with a particular niche like – Tshirts. This business idea allows you to use your creativity to stand out amongst all of your competitors. 

Graphic Design

Graphic designing is pretty easy to pick up so if you don’t have the background skills in this field, consider taking courses for it. If you already have the background skills in this field, you’re in luck. To find clients you’ll need to network. You can absolutely practice this lucrative business at home for weeks without having to go out. Graphics design includes logo design, web design, signage, advertising, etc. so you have a lot to choose from.


We’re done discussing the home-based business but in case you don’t know how to get started, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Identify your home-based business idea: whether you choose an idea from the ones l listed out or you have another idea altogether, it is important to know the skills, have the required experience and training to be successful. Visit a home-based bakery if you want to start your own to know how it works and if it’s the right fit for you. 
  • Start your preferred idea as a side business or a hobby: Do not quite your 9-5 job and lose your primary income if you’re not sure if the returns and market demand of your preferred home-based business idea. If you’re unemployed, there is an exception to you. You can start it full time, that way you’ll explore and now the market demand of your preferred home-based business faster. 
  • Create a business plan once you’re sure the idea has the potential to succeed in the market: A business plan should be short and actionable, showing the uniqueness of your offering from your competitors. 
  • Set up an office space at home: this could be done by setting a corner in your living room or putting a desk in your bedroom. An office space inspires you and set the conditions for success. Creating an office space at home is very important in case you have video call meetings with clients. 
  • Get to work: practising your preferred home-based idea can get difficult. Don’t be scared to ask for help throughout the process and remember them to have fun while they work. 


Additional points

  • Your home-based business should be one that can be operated on a phone or laptop(digital business)
  • Get noticed by creating useful advertisements and networking.



Home-based businesses are not difficult to start and can be expanded later on. Being your own boss gives you a fortune for a lifetime. Feel free to explore other home-based business ideas not listed here and make a pick but remember to be consistent and hardworking to be successful. 


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