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Executive Exemption



Executive Exemption

Out of curiosity, I wonder why it is that executives have such an easy time finding positions. Just because they have a fancy title with the word Executive in their job title, does this make them a good leader? This “title” exempts them from exerting any effort in encountering easy employment opportunities.

They move from company to company and I feel that if they have a past performance record that features failure, this is not taken into account. I believe in giving everyone a fair chance. If an Executive Leader has a resume of troubled or now-extinct corporations, why are they hired? This sends a message to the employees, “oh great, now we have so and so who came from X Company and we know how that went.” Instead of seeking out Jack Welch’s, Henry Ford, Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, to name some examples, the company settles for mediocrity.

If you were looking to build a brand-new home or wanted an extensive remodel on your home, would you look to hire the best available contractor and construction company? Naturally, you would research builders to find the best one that suited your needs. If you read an article about a company that built two homes that collapsed due to poor structural conditions, would you even think to have them build your new home? I hope not because it is a risk of losing something that you value.

There is nothing taking wrong with risks, but risks that do not have a chance of complete destruction. When you have leaders popping up into different organizations after they had just left a company that is going bankrupt, this should be a red flag. However, they easily find other employment, with no transition, no time to reflect, and no time to learn. They go on to another company leaving the former in worse condition. This pattern repeats, and someone makes the business decision to hire them. Who knows, maybe their salary is a bargain because they leave nothing but a trail of unsuccessful reigns.

Good leaders make companies work, they don’t turn their back and go to a new one without trying.  A good leader will sacrifice for their people because they are connected to the company and culture.  There are leaders out there that can be found to run companies successfully. I am not into politics, but even Donald Trump gives his salary away to fund different groups. This is not a political post.  In the business world, Dan Price took a pay cut to equally pay all of his employees.

I am certain that the mediocre CEOs or VPS, or whatever fancy title they latch onto into their myopic hierarchy are financially healthy personally. They are set to be able to retire early or take a pay cut and live a simpler life not laced with greed. Put your ridiculous, unearned salary back into the company or give it to the people.

If you don’t get good grades in school, you don’t get accepted to Harvard. These executives are not getting good grades with their previous companies, but land in a new organization, and then start dismantling their next company. It is a set of undesirable behaviors, values, and character.  When is enough?

Leader for 20 years. Writer of 28 years. Retired from the Retail Industry. I am now doing what I was born to do: Create. I write, do web design, and graphic design.