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Finding Excellent App Developers For Your Projects



Finding Excellent App Developers For Your Projects

In this article, we give you the most important tips and advice on finding app developers. Do you have an app project that should be implemented?

Your app project should be implemented timely and in high quality. A little hint in advance, App development in fast, cheap, and high quality is rarely compatible. Here, we will show you the best app developer options.

1. Hiring a freelancer

Freelancers are an established pillar of personnel planning – and not just in large companies. In the IT area in particular, companies are increasingly relying on the expertise of freelancers. You book him at the start of the project, pay them a monthly salary, a fixed hourly wage, or a price for the entire project, and when the project is completed, the freelancer leaves the team. You ideally choose this model if you integrate the freelancer into an existing team (designer, project manager, developer, tester, etc.).


The biggest advantage is flexibility. You can consult freelancers as soon as resource bottlenecks occur and withdraw as soon as they are balanced. Another advantage is the expertise. He takes an external look at your processes and can give you impulses to optimize. In addition, the costs of a freelancer as an app developer are easy to calculate. You know exactly how long you have to pay for it.


A freelancer only does what you pay for it. Unlike other models, app developers have no influence on the overall project. If the internal structures (communication, collaboration tools, etc.) are not suitable for you, integrating an external partner can pose some challenges. In terms of quality assurance, a freelancer does not perform well in contrast to other models. After completing his work, a freelancer rarely guarantees that the work is done, and maintenance is entirely up to you.

2. Hiring a local agency

The usual procedure is to hire a local agency as an app developer. The client searches for a local agency in the area and commissions it with the overall project or subproject. Since you hire an entire team in contrast to the freelancer model, this model is more expensive but offers many advantages at the same time. Usually, you should choose this option if you have no internal app development expertise.


You get the app from a single source. Concept, design, app development, and quality are assured. You are not responsible for project and personnel planning for the project. The agency supports you with its expertise during the conception phase and helps you to make the product even better. If the agency brings along structures for agile software development as an app developer, you can introduce and implement changes to the product during the development phase. After the development phase, an agency can offer you support and maintenance for the project.


The biggest disadvantage of this model is the cost. When you hire an agency, you pay an entire team of designers, project managers, developers, testers, etc. If the agency does not offer you agile software development, you run the risk of losing control of the project.

3. App project outsourcing, nearshoring and offshoring

Relocating a project abroad entices with low wage project costs. The costs in the near abroad within the EU (Poland, Czech Republic, etc.) are similar. Alternatives are typically found in India, China, Bangladesh, or, more recently, in Africa. In order to permanently relocate projects abroad, you first need a large budget to create structures for cooperation. Usually it is large companies that have the budget to create such structures in advance that use this model.


If you have created the necessary structures or found happiness with the app developer, the costs are the greatest advantage. An entire app for a few thousand dollars, your cost fantasies are unlimited. This is another model that you can use the development of your mobile app.


There are many disadvantages to this model. Starting with legal certainty. You have commissioned a project, but the project has been paid for but nothing is delivered – enforcing your right in distant countries can seem complex to impossible. Quality is another disadvantage. App developers with good training are also in demand in these countries and earn reasonable wages. If the price of the developer is significantly below the average, the quality usually does the same. Communication is also often difficult. Structures have to be created to control the progress of the project.

Melissa Crooks is a Content Writer who writes for Hyperlink InfoSystem reviews, an app development company in UK, USA, and India that holds the best team of skilled and top app developers. She is a versatile tech writer and loves exploring the latest technology trends, entrepreneur, and startup column. She also writes for top app development companies and top software companies.