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How to Become a certified Business Consultant



How to Become a certified Business Consultant

A business consultant is now one of the most sought after professions, considering that this modern age is brimming with young upstart businessmen with a lot of enthusiasm to get their business going but without necessary knowledge and experience. that is where consultants step in, offering their knowledge and experience about business. Business consultants are not a new profession, they have been there as long as the private property, but lately thanks to the technology, it is much easier to do the consulting job.

What Does a Consultant Do?

if it wasn’t obvious from the job title, a consultant’s job is to consult. Offering advice in an area you are the most familiar with is now more lucrative than ever. As a matter of fact, anyone can be a consultant in this day and age, thanks to the huge upgrade of communication technology and the internet. Being a good consultant though is a different story. what separates a good consultant from a bad one are the drive for excellence and resourcefulness about the field they are consulting in. Also, you can be a consultant about almost anything imaginable, given that there’s a business around it. For the sake of this article though, we will focus on business consultant position and which requirements must be met in order for someone to start doing it. But. let’s get down to business. In short, consultants are there to improve the business by giving pieces of advice which concern the structure and productivity. Sometimes a company will hire a consultant in order to fix a certain specific problem their business is facing. after they examined the operation of the company. consultants offer suggestions on improvement, usually in both verbal and written forms. Sometimes a consultant has to present their report to a group of people and answer their questions. The job is at least full-time but sometimes requires long hours, especially when deadlines come close, and includes office settings and traveling to clients’ location when needed. The stress level of this job is high, although it isn’t physically demanding or risky.

Gain Education

Role of the thumb for all business consultants is that they need to have at least a bachelor’s degree with a major in fields like accounting, business, finance, marketing, management comma or something similar. The desirable subjects during the coursework are statistics, communications, ethics, accounting, project management, and leadership. Also, additional courses in public speaking and presentation would be very beneficial for the career of a business consultant, preparing them for an eventual display of their plans and results to their clients. It is quite advisable to specialize in an industry, by choosing a minor or pursuing a double major to specialize in healthcare, technology, education or tourism. If your plan includes working in the public sector, make sure to focus on gaining skills which you can utilize in that specific government service, such as agriculture, education, finance, labor or transportation.

Gain Experience

Okay, so you have a degree, now what? Like most people who ever applied for a job know, the majority of employers require some sort of experience in the field of expertise before hiring someone. Experience is very useful because it shows your potential employer how successful you are as a consultant, and how well you handled improving the businesses with similar issues. Two years of experience is a nominal amount. Except for experience in consulting, some employers would also require someone who has been working in management, accounting or some other business position. Some consultants began their careers in a company doing administrative jobs, before starting their own practice. A smart move would be to join a professional organization for consultants, which will bring you many benefits and additional business opportunities.

Gain Certification

Certification is not a necessary move, however, it shows your potential employer that your work meets the given standards. There are numerous many career merits that come after becoming a certified business advisor. Concerning the business consultants. the certification is based on their specialty. Interesting enough, you can get more than one certification. Despite having a community of only 23 million people, Australia has the third largest number of foreign students, thanks to the strong academic credentials. The Australian chapter of IBBA recognizes three levels of business certification, based on qualifications and experience. The first level, ECBA, recognizes individuals that only began working in the field of business analysis. The second level is CCBA, is for professionals with 2-3 years of Business Analysis experience under their belt, while level 3, CBAP, is for managers and leaders with more than 5 years of business analysis experience.

Gain More Education

The next logical step in becoming a better business consultant is gaining a Master’s Degree. Despite most employers will not require it, a master’s degree will give you an edge against your competition, especially if you’ve got a degree in business administration or a similar field, such as finances, accounting or management. The courses people learn in a master’s degree program can further improve knowledge and skill in various fields, which can help them further advance their career. The optimal way to do this is enrolling a combined bachelors and master’s degree program. That way you can specialize in a non-business area of study, while still getting trained in business concepts. Another advantage of this course is that you can get both degrees in five years, instead of six.


The consulting business is booming lately, thanks to the development of technology and the fact that it has never been easier to start-up a new business. There are many types of consultants, self-employed and company employees alike. some of them are even working for government agencies. The key factor for every consultant is perpetual self-improvement. In order to get better at their job, consultants need to aim for higher education, better certificates, and improve their skills in all job-related fields.

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