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Issa Fawaz is Sprinting His Way to the Top



Issa Fawaz

Issa Fawaz is the Founding Partner at Issa Fawaz Law, PLC. Fawaz and his firm is committed to helping in providing you with the best representation and legal assistance regarding auto accidents, personal injury, real estate disputes, business disputes, and commercial litigation. Issa’s years of experience in the field of law has given him the opportunity to study the greatest trial and litigation attorneys of all time. He spent much of his time in undergraduate studies shadowing judges in their courtrooms spectating trial after trial. This allowed him to fully grasp different litigation techniques and strategies.

He has worked as a public defender under supervision honing his litigation skills while helping those who could not afford an attorney. After taking the bar, he worked as a clerk and then as an attorney for a large voluminous personal injury firm. With all these experiences and gained knowledge, he has already handled cases that aggregate to over millions of dollars in such a short amount of time.

However, these are not the only experiences and challenges that made him the great lawyer that he is now. He was initially denied admittance at Michigan State University College of Law. But Fawaz took it as a test. Some would just go for other options but not him. Fawaz before even becoming an attorney at all already displayed his great potential… 

While others might say that his rejection in MSU Law is a sign that he was not fit to practice law. It only proved how much he deserved to be an attorney. With one goal in sight, he was determined to make it into the school he desired to study, and through unwavering dedication, he did. He was accepted through an appeal that only had a 5% chance of reconsideration. He worked with a counsellor at MSU Law to assemble all that he expected to endeavour to request his affirmation status. Fawaz states, “I’ve honestly just been doing whatever I can to be the person I want to be – if you don’t take the risks, you can’t create a future.”

If you happen to research on what makes one a good lawyer, Fawaz has constantly met the burden. His dauntlessness to whatever he puts his mind to is a pure display of someone anyone would want on their side. His work experiences, exposures to court and trials, and the rejection he faced contributed to what he is now. He has proven himself to be resilient and perseverant. He wants to use all his qualities to serve his community in Dearborn. To help people fight for themselves and get them in the position they desire to be in.


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