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Leah Moe On Why Being Hungry For Success Can Take You To The Next Level



Leah Moe

She started as Chase McAnear’s personal assistant and has now become the Vice President of Lux Properties, an elite, exclusive brokerage that only hires incredible brokers to represent its brand. Leah Moe is definitely a female power and an epitome of a successful woman in the real estate.

Known for her unmatched client management and extensive market knowledge, Leah’s success is based almost exclusively on positive referrals. Her work ethic is the reason why clients are coming back for more. Leah works tirelessly on their behalf and makes sure that her clients don’t have to worry about anything. These customer referrals instil more trust in prospective clients and it’s working out for her, even better.

Leah Moe grew up in Hillsboro, Oregon which is why she knows the entire greater Portland Metro like the back of her hand. This gives her the advantage, especially as a real estate broker, being fully versed in the different cities and communities, is critical to the job.

What sets Leah apart from the rest of her competition is how she is young and hungry for success. And, this hunger took her career to the next level. Her drive allows her to take on new challenges every single day. She constantly pushes herself outside of her comfort zone to grow. Interestingly, she works seven days a week, 24 hours a day and is extremely committed to being available to her clients anytime they need her. Because of her grit and passion in what she does, she was recently promoted to Vice President of Lux Properties where she is continuing to grow her business and brand. 

Leah is in the industry to genuinely help their clients. It’s not all about the money. What’s more important for her is to build lasting relationships with her client and help them to the best she can. As the Vice President of Lux Properties, she makes sure that this belief to help their clients stand true. 

Lux Properties donates a portion of its proceeds to St. Judes Children’s Hospital. They are a brokerage that believes in defending our clients as if our life depends on it. They don’t want to become just another brokerage in it for the money. They are working on providing genuine care to their clients and striving each and every day to make them feel that their loyalty is with them. Brokers at Lux will do whatever it takes to receive a positive review and potential referral at the end of the transaction. They build their brand on creating long-term relationships with their clients.

Indeed, Leah is redefining an industry mostly succeeded by men and pushes herself to become a woman in the real estate that people look up to. With her grit and passion to continue to impress her clients, Leah has more opportunities coming for her. As committed as she is, Leah is excited about her future since there are goals she’s yet to achieve and dreams to work on.

Looking for a realtor, visit Leah Moe on Instagram @leahcmoe or her website


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