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Life after Completing Certificate 4 in Aged Care



Life after Completing Certificate 4 in Aged Care

Aging brings in lots of changes in a person’s life. During old age, one needs special care, affection, and support. At the time, some elderly people need special care, which is not possible for family members to provide. During such time, there is a need for experts in aged care who are aware of the problems of old age and have the necessary knowledge and skills to make the life of elderly people easy.

In Australia, the aged care industry is growing leaps and bounds. This industry is giving way to new job opportunities for qualified candidates. And in order to educate students in the field of aged care, many aged care courses are available in Australia that helps in polishing the skills.

To secure a job in this industry, Certificate 3 in aged care and certificate 4 in aged care courses are very popular.

For those who are looking for entry-level jobs in the aged care industry, Certificate 3 in Aged Care course is the most suitable one. The Certificate III in Individual Support offers employment options in the following roles such as Aged Care Worker, Assistant in Nursing (AIN), Carer and Aide, Community Care Worker, Personal Care Assistant (PCA), Residential Care Officer and Support Worker to name a few.

But if you are looking for a job as an accommodation support worker, care supervisor, or personal care supervisor at an aged care facility, then go for Certificate 4 in aged care course. One year is the average course duration of certificate 4 in aged care courses.

The Certificate IV in Aged Care offers employment in the following roles as

  • Assistant Aged Care Coordinator
  • Care Team Leader in Aged Care
  • Community Support Worker
  • Disability Participant Worker
  • In-home Respite Care
  • Personal Care Worker
  • Senior Community Care Worker
  • Service Coordinator
  • Transport Coordinator

The Certificate 4 in aged care course upgrades the knowledge and skills that one receives in the Certificate III in Individual Support course. Here the students get better knowledge as to how to provide care and support to the aged people with respect to safety procedures and sensitivity.

In this type of aged care courses, candidates are offered face to face classroom-based learning and structured learning activities and they also get the chance to take part in work-based training. This means candidates obtain practical skills and experience that come in handy once they graduate and join the industry.

Also, this type of aged care courses prepares you to handle elderly individuals suffering from dementia, Alzheimer and other problems of old age. Several aged care facilities need experts who can understand the problems of old age diseases and how to handle old people suffering from these diseases. Here the candidates will not only provide the emotional, mental and physical support an elderly person may need, but they will also help to improve their lives and wellbeing for the better.

As working with elderly people with special needs requires a great deal of confidence and communication skills, candidates have to understand the individual needs of elderly people and then decide an action plan. This gives a chance to boost both their self-confidence and communication skills on a daily basis.

Here candidates get opportunities to showcase their leadership skills and serve the aged care facilities with supervisory roles. This is possible due to their advanced knowledge of the legal and ethical standards of the health care industry.

To qualify to work as an Aged Care worker a Certificate II or III is the minimum requirement, but with certificate 4 in aged care, you get to upgrade your career and enjoy the better salary and job satisfaction. Certificate 4 in Aged Care can serve as your gateway to a better and brighter future. After graduating, you can join the industry or pursue higher studies. You can opt for a university education or even enroll in TAFE. But if you do not have plans to expand your learning, you can always look for a job.

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