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Male-Dominant Industries That We’re Rooting for Women to Win



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Did you know that only 6.6% of women work full-time in male-dominated industries? While that number is on the rise, we are rooting for those women that are diving head first into unknown waters in industries like tech, construction, and even mining.

To give you a better idea of where women are starting to spearhead the workforce, here are the top male-dominated industries that we’re rooting for women equality to take over.


It has long been known that the tech industry is a male-dominated industry. Women represent only 38% of the non-technical positions and only 20% of leadership roles in the tech industry. But women are starting to pull rank quickly and boosting workplace diversity.

In fact, Microsoft CEO has been quoted commenting on the fact that there will soon be a time where women do not need to advocate for raises and equal pay, but the system will give you well-deserved raises as you grow with the company.

Additionally, Forbes recently named the world’s top 50 women in tech. You can celebrate that list here.

Recognizing that barriers still exist in the tech industry is essential, but having faith that the industry is moving in the right direction and being diligent in continuing the progress is what will ensure women have an equal role in this male-dominated industry.

Construction management

Construction is known to be one of the most male-dominated industries today, but women are starting to sprout up and hopefully, this trend will take off. Actually, according to a LinkedIn study, female representation in the construction industry has increased by 77%.

You can now find women on the front lines doing major construction work, performing repairs for the best home warranty companies, jumping into leadership roles as project managers, and running their own construction businesses.

Maintaining the growth of women entering the construction industry is essential, especially for an industry as hands-on as construction. A women’s attention to detail, creativity, organization, and skills in negotiation practices prove to be assets in construction.


When the first female CEO of the mining industry was appointed, Cynthia Carroll of Anglo American, people took notice. The nonprofit Women in Mining UK published a report that brought the light the lack of women in the industry. Most specifically, the fact that the mining industry had the lowest number of women on their company boards.

It goes to show that sometimes it just takes one woman to persist and breakthrough an industry to really illuminate the problems within the workforce. You could be that woman! While it is easy to become complacent in these types of industries and tug at the mentality that women inequality only stems from certain levels of the organization, it is imperative to take responsibility of the lack of a diversified staff.

How to create more opportunity in male-dominated industries

It’s common knowledge at this point that women face a slew of challenges at the workplace, diving into a male-dominated industry is just one of them. With that, the biggest question is determining how to create more opportunities in industries where women comprise less than 25% of the total workforce?

To start, don’t be intimidated by the stereotypes and unconscious bias that may come when entering a male-dominated workforce. Oftentimes in situations where a male would be considered assertive, a woman is considered bossy. Look past this and continue to outperform your counterparts and lead confidently.

Having a good support system of like-minded individuals is key. Find a group of strong and empowered women to support each other during trying times.

Own your accomplishments when they happen. Don’t try to fly under the radar and quietly help your company grow and increase revenue. Shine a light on your accomplishments so that you will be at the top of the list for new opportunities.

While there will hopefully be a time when you do not need to reach out for growth within your company, now is the time to take action if the time is right. Never be afraid to ask for the raise, promotion, and new opportunity if you feel it is time to make a change. Male-dominated industry aside, your boss may not even know you are interested in a new opportunity unless you make it known.

Keep in mind that failure isn’t a bad thing, it’s necessary, and also know when it is time to move on. Working at a company is always a choice, and if you feel like you aren’t being recognized for your work then make the choice to move on to better opportunities outside of the company.

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