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Meet Million Dollar Sales Representative Lexi Vazquez



Lexi Vazquez

Brands and companies around the world are willing to pay an exorbitant amount of money to get million-dollar sales representatives on board. This demand is due to the simple fact that selling big numbers and drawing seven-figure compensation is an art that only a very few possess in this world. In recent years, conversations revolving around million-dollar sales representatives often see a mention of Lexi Vazquez. If the name fascinates you and you are curious about this million-dollar sales representative’s success story, read on. 

Who Is Lexi Vazquez?

Lexi Vazquez is an experienced account manager focused on the Information Technology and Services industry. She closed last year out at 1.2 million dollars in sales marketing, making her the most successful and coveted sales representative in the state of Florida. Vazquez has a Bachelor’s degree from Florida International University. She owes her success to her expertise in important business areas, such as Customer Service, Social Media Management, Public Speaking, and Sales. 

What Makes Lexi Vazquez so Successful? 

Vazquez’s early success can be attributed to her ability to convince companies and brands to switch to state-of-the-art office equipment and the latest business solutions, which allow employees to gain speed, accuracy, and efficiency, thereby leading to better results. Since the very start, Vazquez believed that companies succeed only when they focus on every aspect of their business. 

From customer service to social media and employee management, every department plays a critical function in enabling the growth of an organization. Vazquez has continually supported the view that adopting superior hardware technology and innovative software solutions is the best way to enhance and ensure the highest efficiency in all departments. This ideology is what has helped her gain success with numerous different companies.

Her Training Started Early in Life 

Vazquez’s success is also a result of her early training. When she was 15, she joined her father’s company – FastForward Digital Solutions. As a child, Vazquez wanted to become a Speech Pathologist and had no interest in studying business. However, at the age of 8, Vazquez has diagnosed with Petit Mal Seizures and the condition grew graver with each passing year but after a while, she grew out of them. While working at her father’s business, she got her first taste of being a Sales Rep. 

She started with small sales assignments but was soon bagging big deals for her father’s company. Though Vazquez’s father sold FastForward Digital Solutions when Vazquez was 18, he made her in charge of the Sales before doing the final transaction. In her first year as the Sales Head of the company, Vazquez closed the company’s sales at 9,450,000. Since then, there has been no looking back for Vazquez.

Her Story Is Inspiring in Every Way 

Lexi Vazquez’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. At 19, she had made a $100,000 deal in Multifunction Printers. By the age of 20, she was a homeowner. In 2019, she successfully bagged the title of being the most successful Sales Rep. in Florida. Last year, she closed 1.2 million dollars in sales, and she is currently helping over 400 companies achieve their annual targets. 

She achieved all this while studying to get a Bachelor’s degree. Vazquez is so popular because her journey shows us that becoming a million-dollar sales representative is not a far-fetched dream if you stay committed to your goals and keep an eye out for the latest technologies and inventions and learn to use them to your best advantage. 

Her Future Plans Involve Mentoring Others

Other than focusing on establishing long-term relationships with different companies, Vazquez wants her story to inspire other people, especially women who face continuous ageism and bias in this male-driven industry. She wants people to know that in her journey what helped her most was her honesty. She was always transparent and forthright with her clients, which helped her win their trust. 

In this age, when scammers have become omnipresent, it is very important to stay honest and reliable to win the trust of one’s clients. She has also dedicated herself to a life of constant learning, which she believes is the only way to succeed in this field. Vazquez strongly believes that if she could do what she has done for herself, so can everyone else and she can teach them. She now wants to mentor others and continue to do the job that brings her so much happiness.

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