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Meet Pauly Long, Online Mindset Coach



Pauly Long

Pauly Long (March 3rd, 1992) is an American Entrepreneur and personal development coach. He began his career in entrepreneurship helping individuals online grow their personal brand with various marketing solutions. However, his most valued venture, Mineset, helps people live the life they truly want to live without being influenced by judgements and the opinions of others. Pauly wasn’t an overnight success. Like most, he went through trials and tribulations at the beginning of his career. A decade ago, Pauly went back and forth thinking about if college was the right fit for him, but he dropped out from college, tried community college the following year, and then dropped out of that as well.

Pauly Long stated, “I realized after my time in college that it just wasn’t for me.” Moving on from that, Pauly flirted around with the restaurant industry only to be led into the fitness industry where he began coaching individuals who wanted to get in incredible shape. It was at this point things started to click for Pauly in his new environment where he found a new passion, helping others. Pauly faced a decision to make during his time in the gym industry, as he knew the job wouldn’t allow him to have the impact he desired and the lifestyle he wanted. After 4 years in the role, Pauly stepped down from his position in personal training. He explained that due to his environment he was put in a terrible situation, still one that he had full control over. He was hanging out with a crowd that was limiting him from growing and didn’t see eye to eye with the goals he had in life. 

By the end of March 2019, Pauly left the gym position and decided to get into a more financially abundant industry. Pauly quickly started investing more on Instagram and making more powerful connections until he made his first form of income through social media. He started traveling often while he worked on building his profile, which led to new opportunities. One of these opportunities was with a group of entrepreneurs out in Arizona. In August 2019, Pauly packed up his car, said goodbye to his family, and drove cross-country from Philadelphia, PA to Scottsdale, AZ. He had no job, no income, and no plan. Just ambition and a will to succeed. After a couple of months of steady persistence, Pauly got invited to speak on Facebook Live to a group of girls in a network marketing business, which was the first time he got to do something motivational like this! After that call, he was immediately in love with it and had a massive realization proceeding it. Because of this realization, Pauly decided to start building his own business towards the end of November 2019. It was then, the concept of MineSet was born.

Pauly started recording the videos for MoneSet immediately after that motivational call. He then hired someone to build a personal website and landing page for the program, packed up his car again, and drove cross country back to Philadelphia. MineSet was officially launched on January 1st, 2020. It began as a video program he made to help others change their perspective on key aspects of life. Pauly’s very first member of the community, Colin Heaney, later on, became his business partner and admin in March 2020. From there, Pauly hired the 8th member of the community as his personal assistant, a videographer/content creator, and flew his team out to Waikiki, Hawaii on May 22, 2020, where they all met in person for the first time. Pauly and his team are currently traveling full-time, scaling MineSet, building a full team, launching new programs, branding merchandise, and much more. 

The new program for MineSet launched June 1st called the 90-Day Transformation. MineSet’s mission is to help people live the lives they truly want and to live without being influenced by judgements and the opinions of others. The progress that Pauly and his team have made in the past couple of months is remarkable, and there is so much more to come. Pauly has been taking life one week at a time, and never plans too far ahead. His goal in life is to impact billions of peoples’ lives and leave a significant mark on this world. He has truly dedicated his life to helping others. Pauly says “Happiness is the true form of success and I want to show the world that it is 100% achievable in any situation. Mindset is everything. Changing my mindset has changed my life.” 

Pauly’s courage to change the narrative in his mind and develop an unbreakable mindset greatly contributes to his success. He went through much trial and error to find his true passion and purpose, mindset coaching, and motivational speaking. To learn more about Pauly Long and his business, click here.