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Millennial Indipreneur: The 20th Century Superheroes



Millennial Indipreneur: The new 20th Century Superheroes

How does millennial indipreneur work? Have you heard people who work remotely for certain business or even company abroad while at home? Exactly, Millennial Indipreneur is a freelance worker who helps small to big size company. These are laptop working superheroes who serve people who are successful in business, people who just started their own business from scratch, eCommerce business, you name it. Millennial Individual Entrepreneur or Millennial Indipreneur are new superheroes of the 21st century.


Have you ever wondered how millennial indipreneur started their freelancing career? Being a full-time freelancer, you have all the privilege to work from home away from traffic and daily uniform dress code that most of the corporate workers are. This is article will help you how to start your venture as a millennial indipreneur. If you want to start your freelancing career, then this is for you.



Perks of being a Freelancers

Millennial Indipreneur: The new 20th Century Superheroes

Before we start the countdown, let’s talk about the perks of being a Freelancer. As a freelancer, you always have the freedom to start and work with your laptop or pc at home, coffee shop, at the beach, while traveling, or even during holidays and vacation. You have the accessibility to your working station. You have the full control of your time. Heaven, right? If that will not motivate you to work as a freelancer, then let roll the drum.


3 Ways to start your venture as a Millennial Indipreneur

Millennial Indipreneur: The new 20th Century Superheroes

  1. Reveal your Hidden Skills and Talents

To start your venture as a Millennial indipreneur, you need to have skills to offer. Of course! No one will hire you if you don’t have something to offer to improve their business or their productivity. Discover all your hidden talents and skills. Make a list of your skills and categorize your expertise in every skill. This can be data encoder, video editor, photoshop skills, content writing, voice recording, graphics designing, or any skills you can offer as part of your service. Learning all your potential freelancing skills will help you land the job easier.

Millennial Indipreneur: The new 20th Century Superheroes

  1. Learn and Develop New skills

Before learning a new skill, try to enhance and develop your current skill or skill. Say, for instance, you know how to edit images using photoshop, try to improve your skills by watching tutorials and lots of practice. This will help you prepare during the application process. If you know how to encode, then make sure to improve your speed and the precision in typing. If you know how to edit videos, then make sure to adopt all the latest styles and design in video editing and presentation. These will give you an edge during the application process.

Next, go and open google and search “Best Freelancing Skills”. Learn all the in-demand and high paying jobs available online. Check your list and see if you have at least one of the best freelancing skills. If none, then try to look for the skill or skills which you think you can easily learn and develop within a month or two. This will help you build your skills and improve your freelancer’s portfolio. Utilize all the free and available materials and tutorials online to improve your skills. If you have some cash, enrolling to a paid course will keep you on the right track.

Millennial Indipreneur: The new 20th Century Superheroes

  1. Start your online application

To start your freelancing career, join freelance portal websites such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Freeeup and create your profile. Make sure to fill out all your personal information and skills. Legit information like name, country of origin, and contact information will increase your trust authority. You can also join groups from different social media like craigslist, facebook groups, and other social media platforms.


Final Thought

If you think freelancing is for you, then start following these steps and be one of the millennial indipreneur of the 20th century. Remember, you can always start anytime of the day and of the week. Just make sure that you have the discipline to keep you on track in learning more freelancing skills.

Barjunaid Cadir is a Content Writer in The Weekly Trends, Web Developer, SEO Content Manager, LinkedIn Specialist, Social Media Manager, and a University Researcher at Anadolu University in Eskisehir, Turkey.