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Reasons Why a Career in Big Data the Right Choice?



Reasons Why a Career in Big Data the Right Choice?

Thinking of having a career in Big Data? Planning to go for certification in Big Data, Hadoop and related subjects but still not getting a conviction whether it is the right thing to do or not? Confused about whether to invest time in gaining knowledge of big data or not? Such questions can give you sleepless nights, but by taking a look at this article, I am sure that you will get a lot of reasons to build a big data career.

Established tech experts hold an opinion that big data is undoubtedly the big next thing that will mesmerize everyone with its awe-striking benefits. Countless organizations are adopting big data technologies in order to get ahead of their competitors and create a niche for themselves in their industry. Business leaders are aware of the fact that by leveraging big data, they can enhance their customer base by targeting the right audience, improve the quality of their product or service and increase revenues.

Organizations these days have enormous amounts of data and they create reservoirs to store them. They adopt techniques to clean, organize and comprehend this data to have a deeper understanding of their business functions, the choices, and preferences of their consumers, market trends and so on. All this information is essential for them to make smarter decisions which can direct their business towards a higher level of success.

Identifying patterns and pulling out pertinent information is steeply important for companies as missing out any critical information can lead to missed opportunities and an eventual loss for the business. Atul Butte who is from the Stanford School of Medicine speaks about the power of data. He says that within the heaps of data, there is hidden knowledge which has the capacity to change a patient’s life or entire the world.

Careers in Big Data

  1. The soaring requirement for Data Analytics

Peter Sondergaard, working with Gartner, explained the significance that Data Analytics has in our lives at this data by saying that information can be seen as the oil of this century while analytics can be perceived as the combustion engine.

As mentioned earlier, data is everywhere and this data cannot be analyzed with Data Analytics. As a matter of fact, a line of research shows that the market for analytics will be almost one-third of the entire IT market. So you can imagine the number of jobs that will produce globally. Therefore, it is a golden period to build a Big Data Analytics Career.

  1. The Widespread acquisition of Big Data

As per Forbes’s article, there has been a study called “2014 IDG Enterprise Big Data Research” which reveals that an average organization shall spend as much as $8 Million on initiatives related to Big Data related.

The same study also discloses that 74% anticipate adopting Big Data in no less than one business department shall be a common practice.

  1. Higher Profile

According to Google’s Chief Economist, Hal Varian, the job of a statistician will be the sexiest one in the job market in the next 10 years. The same way the computer engineer’s position was considered the sexiest back in the 90s’. Being a data scientist is a big quality which is hard to find nowadays.

Companies are on a hunt for competent data scientists and are taking an extra mile to retain them. So naturally, they are ready to outbid their competitors when it comes to remunerating data scientists.