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The 6 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs For 2020



The 6 Most In-Demand Tech Jobs For 2020

With new technologies and the demands of the customers rising, companies across different industries are looking for ways to boost their business and streamline their workflow by implementing various technology solutions. 

The demand for skilled workers who are capable of performing such tasks – developers, engineers, and scientists is on the rise and it won’t be slowing down soon. Even though there are plenty of jobs in the tech industry, if you’re pursuing a career in one of the six most in-demand tech jobs mentioned in this article, your chances for career growth in the year to come are only growing higher.


Cybersecurity engineer

Since various data breaches are breaking the news every single day, no wonder cybersecurity experts are in high demand. According to official estimates, the rate of growth in this area is projected at 32% from 2018 to 2028 in the USA, which is much faster than the projected growth for other occupations. 

Even though this may seem like good news for those interested in developing their careers further in this direction, the main reason behind such a demand is a great threat to society and our lives which are becoming more and more dependent on various devices. While there is no formal education for this job, cybersecurity engineers most commonly have a degree in IT, computer science or system engineering. They are also proficient in Java, C++, Python, Node or Ruby, have experience with security systems and are able to manage security audits, vulnerabilities and threats.


Cloud computing jobs 

As more and more companies are drifting away from traditional servers and switching to cloud solutions, cloud computing jobs with the median salary as high as $146,350 in 2018 are all the rage now and will be in the years to come. Cloud system engineers are focused on designing, installing and maintaining IT cloud systems. Experts in this field most commonly work in Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services or Open Stack and have a good knowledge of multiple programming languages as well as automation and databases. The most demanded skills when it comes to cloud computing are AWS, Linux, Java and software development.


Blockchain developer

With the rise of blockchain technology and its application in a variety of industries other than finance, numerous job opportunities for developers and other tech enthusiasts have emerged. Blockchain developers are responsible for creating blockchain protocols and systems, as well as for developing smart contracts and apps. 

Generally, two main careers can be pursued in the field of blockchain development:

  • Core Blockchain Developer – involved in the consensus design and the architecture of the blockchain system.
  • Blockchain Software Developer – building decentralized apps and smart contracts using blockchain technology.

Blockchain developers usually hold a degree in computer science, information security or some other related field and have knowledge in various programming languages such as C++, Solidity, Python and Java, as well as excellent programming and cryptography skills. According to CNBC, salaries for blockchain developers are skyrocketing, as they are making between $150-170,000 annually on average.


Software developers

The demand for software developer jobs is also rising, in both application and system developers, as there is a growing need for computer software. System developers will benefit from the increased number of products that use software and which are built into consumer electronics. On the other hand, application developers will support organizations in delivering their customers’ new personalized solutions using applications on computers, smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Software developers usually have a bachelor’s degree in software engineering or computer science and are expected to be proficient in at least one programming language and skilled at most recent programming tools.


Data scientist

With the growing need to personalize user experience and to predict customers’ behaviour, organizations start to rely on data-driven insights and are in demand of data scientists and analysts who are capable of turning large amounts of proprietary and third-party data into action. Data scientists can understand the correlations and interpret data, find the shortcomings of business processes and present possible solutions. Data scientists are expected to be fluent in at least one of the programming languages, preferably R, Python or Java, have strong mathematical and analytical skills, experience with AWS, Hive or Big Query and training in machine learning and statistical modelling.


Artificial intelligence/machine learning

Both AI and machine learning engineers are in high demand, so they are a great career option for the coming years. Although these IT areas overlap, they differ by the way they use data. Machine learning engineers use data to create algorithms and systems which can learn and apply knowledge with or without the need for human intervention. On the other hand, AI engineers focus on developing systems that can perceive their surroundings and communicate with them: take Siri and Alexa as examples.

To pursue one of these careers you’ll need a good knowledge of computer languages, excellent mathematical and analytical skills, as well as strong programming skills.

These are the six most in-demand jobs which will dominate in 2020, and if you’ve recognized yourself in some of the descriptions, don’t miss your chance to apply for the next step in your career.

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