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The Value of HR Certifications



The Value of HR Certifications

These days, there is a growing emphasis on achieving certifications for proving one’s worth in their field, however, the value of this practice is still to be explored.

Organizations are expanding and so is their workforce. Moreover, there is an unimaginable amount of importance given to talent nowadays as it is the most precious asset that a company invests in. So, you can understand how critical it has become to acquire relevant skills and knowledge and translate them into excellent performance in order to achieve great height in your career.

The field of HR is well-familiar with this trend. Every now and then, there is a new best HR certification in the market which is even better than the last one that was introduced. In the HR community, it is a widely embraced belief that obtaining certifications is essential to capture the essence of the subject and learn what is genuinely required to create your niche in the industry. But, there is also an on-going argument about the relevancy of credentials and whether earning an advanced degree is a better choice that one can make.

The Disparate Opinions of Experts Regarding HR Certifications

There has been a controversy going on with respect to the value that certifications can add to the career of a professional. Some experts like Tamar Elkeles, who is the chief HR officer at Quixey, a software company based out of California, believes that the real learning happens on the job. Attaining theoretical knowledge in the classroom is not enough to become an effective HR practitioner. It is the skills that you pick over the years in the workplace helps to establish yourself as a credible and competent HR leader.

She also said that, at the time of hiring, she doesn’t really consider the candidates who own certifications as they do not possess the needed business skills which are needed to make the HR function more business-focused.

Herman Aguinis, who is associated with the Kelley School of Business as a management professor, thinks that it is absolutely true that having a certificate boosts your status in the HR realm and attracts the respect which you long for. But, it takes a lot of time and money to obtain certifications and their worth is not always assessable for an individual as well as a company.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, there is a line of specialists who think quite highly of professionals holding certifications and believe that pursuing a certifications program is essential for the grasping the crux of the HR subject and is a wonderful way to upgrade the overall personality and confidence of an aspiring HR professional.

Over and above, studies prove that companies who hire proficient certified professionals are more successful than their competitors. Many organizations have actually outer performed their rival firms by welcoming professionals with HR certifications who have the abilities to entice the best talent in the entire industry.