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Things to Keep in Mind before Hiring Party Vendor Companies



Hiring Party Vendor

The best thing about the Internet age is that you are able to find a company for almost any service. In other words, no matter what you type into search engines, there will be a specialized company waiting to fulfill this need. In fact, there will likely be several companies, all competing to earn your business.

Because of the high level of competition in the market, it may seem that you have an endless array of options. This might seem beneficial to you in terms of getting the best rates, but it also requires you to do some homework.

For example, let’s say you are planning an upcoming event. Aspects like the event catering and party rentals are very important to the success of the event. If not done properly, it can affect the entire occasion, along with the satisfaction level of guests. It is important that the services you choose provide quality in all aspects, without cutting corners.

Here are the most important questions to ask before hiring a party rental company. If they are good at what they do then they will happily answer all of them for you!



Before hiring an event planner or caterer, the company’s reputation may be the first thing you will consider while creating your initial list and shortlisting. You’ll find that there are a number of party catering companies, for example, making it impractical to call and interview all of them.

Instead, you can check the reputation of vendors by a variety of different methods. Check the reviews on professional sites like The Knot, Yelp or reviews on Google. Their feedback and reviews on Facebook and other social media channels will also give you a good idea of their clientele and overall satisfaction rates.

Be wary of companies with no social media presence in today’s age. It usually denotes an organization that has failed to keep up with the times, and this will be reflected in their event planning skills. To judge for yourself, you can ask the company to tell you about prominent successful events of theirs and you can gauge their reputation from their portfolio.



The field of event planning is a highly competitive one where services stake their name and reputation on the quality of their work and customer service. Therefore, opt for the businesses that are the most responsive and quick to get back to you with helpful advice.

Which companies are the most accommodating and open to your questions and offer prompt in-depth answers? Those will be the businesses that are committed to earning your business. The companies that are lax in getting back and difficult to get a hold of may only spell trouble for later.



You may feel shy or a bit hesitant while asking about checking that business licenses are up to date, but this is within your right. A business without a proper license or insurance may cause problems down the road, and leave you open to personal liability.  In such a competitive market, where you want to work with the best companies, you are justified in asking to see proof of license and insurance. If you discover an insurance lapse after something goes wrong, it may be too late to do anything about it. It will do you no benefit to refrain from asking out of courtesy – make your needs known. As long as you are reasonable in your request, the vendor should be happy to comply.


Creativity and Ideas

If you are planning to hire a company for a party catering or something that requires an imaginative touch, then you should check the creative portfolio of the company.

Many businesses in event management know-how to work well within their limitations, and can produce classic events that are tried and true. However, that does not mean they will be up to the task of organizing a creative party, or a series of themed parties to mark different festive occasions.

For this, you will need a company with prior experience and history of producing creative events. When interviewing vendors, discuss this fully and openly, and express your needs completely. Make sure they know what you are looking for. If the company expresses reluctance or hesitation in going outside of a fixed event template, then move on to the next option.



This might seem like an irrelevant concern, but this is a very important factor that you should inquire about before hiring a vendor or party rental company. You should ask your company how long they have been in business, and what assurances they can give that they will be operating when your event is to take place. This is especially important if your event is in the far future and you have placed a deposit of some kind.

As we mentioned earlier, this market is saturated and a competitive one. Going out of business is not some unforeseen possibility but a very real consideration if the company you use is not thriving. It has happened where vendors close their doors overnight, leaving their customers stranded. You do not want the company informing you a week or two before your big event is due that it cannot fulfill their contract. That will set you back tremendously and throw you in a mad scramble to find a replacement.  If this happens, chances are that you probably will not find the best quality caterers or vendors in such a short time.



Ask your organizer if they will give to you in writing a comprehensive hard list of what you are paying for, along with a final tally. This will help you compare better. Often time’s companies are not forthright about the full nature of their costs, and which items are included in a package. If you are being promised something that is specifically important to you, be sure to get this in writing.


Final Consideration

Choosing trusted and reputable vendors will make all the difference for your event. For example, selecting the right event catering vendor will help you to successfully pull off a unique and memorable occasion. At Personal Touch Dining, we pride ourselves on the professionalism and mark of quality with which we have organized countless successful corporate events, along with our signature personal touch. Know that when you work with Personal Touch Dining, you are hiring creative and proven professionals who have your best interests in mind. Our job is to produce an amazing event for you!


Author Bio:

Lauren is Sales Manager at Personal Touch Dining, an award-winning San Diego catering company that supplies all levels of San Diego Catering Services on rent. The Personal Touch Dining team has gained widespread recognition for their creative and diverse menus, with seasonal ingredients for every occasion. Lauren enjoys blogging about tips and trends in the wedding and event industry and sharing ideas with those planning for an upcoming event.