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Who is Celebrity Lawyer Andrew Covington



Andrew Covington

Andrew Covington is a celebrity lawyer and founder of Covington Law which is a law practice specializing in trademark, copyright, contract, and business start-up litigation. Covington Law helps artists and entrepreneurs reach their career goals. Whether it is an up incoming or established entrepreneur or artist, Covington Law was built to advise and guide. Andrew is currently working on expanding the business to be able to provide his services to clients on a national level. Outside of Andrew’s current venture, his foundation as an adolescent has helped shape and bring him to where he is in his professional career. 

Growing up, music was a major influence in Andrew Covington’s life. He played in the school band which led to him becoming a DJ and playing at his friends and family events. Andrew started writing lyrics and making beats at home and found his true passion for music around age 14. He was a songwriter and performer for nine years. When Andrew Covington went to college, he started to evolve his understanding of the music business and built a team for his music career. After a few years of making music and traveling to live performances, Andrew started to gain the attention of record labels. This is where his career and focus began to take a turn.

Ultimately, Andrew experienced the inequities and injustice within the music business first hand when he has gifted a contract he did not agree with.  This experience, like so many artists, led him to discontinue his career as a performing artist.  However, he used this experience as motivation and began to pursue a career that still involved his lifelong passion for music.   Andrew believes that in any industry or business it is crucial to do your due diligence before agreeing to anything.  Fortunately, this didn’t mean that he would just quit music, but at that point in his life, he realized what his true calling would be in the music industry. Andrew wanted to help and impact other artists in his situation to be able to understand their recording contracts before signing. Andrew always wished he could have had someone walk him through the process of recording contracts and to know your worth, and he is now becoming that pivotal person for others.  

Andrew Covington’s mission is to protect other artists from feeling uneasy when discussing business taking over their love for music. What differentiates Andrew from competitors is that he has been down the artist road before and can empathize with artists. Today, Andrew provides services for scripting and screenwriting, songwriting, producing, artist development, and branding. He enjoys his position behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. On the business side of things, Andrew grew up with parents that have always been business savvy. Since he was a child, Andrew was always trying to find new ways to make money. At the age of 12, Andrew began his first business venture of buying and reselling shoes. He grew up having an infatuation with cars and motorcycles and would purchase used cars to do minor upgrades and repairs, and sell them. “It was fun to be able to enjoy different cars and bikes and then be able to resell them for a profit. From here, I learned how to monetize one of my favorite past times.” Andrew continues to turn his hobbies and interests into businesses. 

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