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Why Are More Companies Going Dog Friendly?



Why Are More Companies Going Dog Friendly?

You are one of those company owners who recognize pet parents’ attachment to their pooches. And to set you apart from others, you allow their four-legged friends to be with their owners on a full work-day.

This is a way of attracting talent to your fold and making the workforce productive. Employees will feel their work is appreciated, you look after their welfare, and you communicate with them.

It’s just fitting that you enjoy the benefits of a productive workforce like increased profits, high employee morale, improved customer service, and better competitiveness among others.


Benefits of Dogs in the Workplace

pet at workplace Fido’s wagging tail in the office will make their owners feel at ease and more effective. They are relieved from stress thinking about the welfare of their loved ones when they are not around. And spared from paying the fee of a dog walker.

Most people have connected with a pup in some ways, an office dog will rekindle that bond. Employees who keep to themselves will hatch from their shell and associate with their colleagues. Communication barriers will be broken, creating a healthy work environment.

Since the staff enjoys Fido’s company they will take turns in dog walking. This is good for the dog’s wellbeing and theirs too. A breather will do a lot of good, stress levels will be reduced and the walker will feel refreshed and engaged from the break.


Challenges of Dogs at Work

Make sure that dogs are allowed on the building’s premises, otherwise you have to be late or take the day off. So, it’s a dog-friendly place and both of you are off to your workplace, but be ready for some challenges.

Coworker’s Issues and Health Conditions

Don’t expect everyone to be comfortable with a dog around. Some might fear a dog because of previous bad experiences or just simply afraid of them.

There’s a possibility that a coworker has an allergic reaction to dogs, and they consider a dog to be a threat to their health condition.

Consult with your team before bringing Fido to the office. This will allow time to prepare and avoid any squabble with coworkers.

Dog Behavior

It’s annoying to hear the bark of a dog. People cannot focus on their work with the noise around them. Bring some interactive toys, the correct one will keep him busy till you time out.

An untrained dog will be a nuisance in the workplace. They might bite or their roughhousing tactics might not be appreciated by the people around them. A playpen or dog bed will do the trick.


Fido is in a new environment they tend to get destructive. Be ready to catch your furry friend before he scratches or bites the furniture or office equipment. Even if your best friend is trained, accidents happen, puddles and piles cannot be prevented, and prepare to clean up the mess.

Dog’s Health

For good measure, bring Fido to a pet hospital before the office visit. You don’t want your pooch exhibiting any strange symptoms while at work.

Fido likes hanging out at the office, he receives unending pats. But, he doesn’t understand that dogs in an office present a challenge to humans.

Presence of Dog Hair

No amount of grooming can prevent a dog’s hair from falling anywhere in the office. Have lint rollers on hand and your extra time to remove the working dog’s flying hair before leaving the office.

Loiters in the Most Unexpected Places

Fido strays in any nook and cranny in the office and snuggles at the office’s lobby when he feels tired.

Scares People

Your pooch is people-friendly. He walks to visitors in the office and loves a head pat. But not everyone understands and gets scared when he saunters to greet them.


Why Should Companies Go Pet Friendly?

A pet-friendly company is an important quality of an employer to retain valued employees. It is viewed by the workforce as an intangible benefit given by the company as part of a reward package that competitors do not offer.

A pet parent separated from their fur baby feels guilt as if they aren’t giving their best. An employer who understands this predicament and allows dogs in the office is rewarded with happy and more faithful employees.

Most customers are pet-loving people and you would be speaking the same bow wow language if you allow your employees to bring their pets to the workplace.

Happy employees won’t leave you which will reduce your hiring costs. It takes about three months before an employee learns the ropes of his role which means months of unproductive man-hours. Consider also the costs of interview and onboarding.

John Green has profound experience in the veterinary field with years of experience. Now he handles content at Pet Health Hospital. In fact, John pays close attention to sharing vital information about pets to most pet parents across the United States. Certainly, John loves and cherishes animals, and owns two dogs Marty and Lou.