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Gambleswap Pushing the Boundaries with NFTs by Exploring Various Possibilities in the Metaverse and Web3



With its new upcoming NFT collection and proposed Metaverse casino, Gambleswap is set to stamp its presence in Web3 and take center stage in a world of innovation.

Gambleswap, committed to revolutionizing the gambling world, has announced its many plans in the works. The NFT club promises a decentralized gaming experience while launching a multi-utility cryptocurrency, NFT collection and a casino in the metaverse. It is poised to change how gamblers interact and play online, with the assurance of a safe and fun gaming experience that brings players closer to all the benefits of NFTs, cryptocurrency and the Metaverse.

With plans in place to launch an NFT collection, Gambleswap has announced that it will fund the creation of one of the largest online casinos in the Metaverse. The NFT in the works totals 9999 NFTs which will sell at 0.08 ETH each, offering holders a wide range of benefits and perks such as sharing the profits that the Gambleswap casino generates. Every holder automatically gets from the profit-sharing program, which will be funded by 50% of the funds generated from NFT sales.

Gambleswap is particularly excited about restoring fun and profitability to the gambling scene, and in the words of the team’s spokesperson, “We believe everyone should be able to benefit from the casino industry, not just the elite. That’s why we are giving 50% of the profits generated in the house back to NFT holders!” Furthermore, every NFT holder will be eligible to take part in a monthly lottery with prizes up to $250,000. 

The motivation behind building Gambleswap stems from the founding team’s unhappiness with the current NFT market. The team has seen many people get burned by unreal and scam NFT projects and many NFT  projects that do not care about building a community. Gambleswap stepped in to change that and is focused on showing the numerous possibilities of NFT.

With its development, Gambleswap Casino is poised to be an attractive and exciting destination for players in the Metaverse. They get to use the in-house currency GMBL to play different games, access advanced VR technology and build interactive experiences. Players will also compete against one another, participate in tournaments and win CHIPS, which they can stake to earn passive income or to earn GMBL. 

Gambleswap’s ICO also entails building a decentralized multi-utility cryptocurrency for the Web3 world. With a limited supply of 500,000,000, GMBL will be the best way to trade and make payments on the Gambleswap exchange and the Gambleswap virtual casino. The combination of the decentralized world with the hot gambling space makes for a perfect match and is bringing to life a unique form of digital transformation and revolution.

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