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25 Of the Most Interesting Communication Research Topics To Write About



In the modern digital world, traditional communication has been replaced by technology-based communication. Social media has taken over traditional broadcasting. A lot of changes are still happening around the world, and the area of communication research is getting bigger and wider with each passing day. Due to the expansion of communication means, students are more confused than ever about their communication research topics. Modern technology has taken the level of communication to new heights, and this makes it difficult to choose a good topic.

As you are here, it means you are facing the same problem. Well, after reading today’s article, you will not find it difficult to choose from communication research topics. The reason is that in today’s article, we will list the 25 most interesting and trending topics related to the communication field. So, let’s get started straight away.

25 interesting media and communication research topics

Writing a communication paper is the most crucial part of your degree. To write a good paper, obviously, you need to choose a good topic. However, communication research is a very wide field. The topics in this field span a wide range of subjects and issues. Therefore, choosing a topic in this field is very challenging. However, there is no need to worry. Below is the list of the 25 most interesting communication research topics:

  1. The effectiveness of social media marketing on consumers
  2.  Have Facebook and WhatsApp taken over family time in the UK?
  3. How do effective communication and journalism fuel change in society?
  4. Mass media trends and how people react to those trends
  5. Rise of politically biased and unbiased journalism in society
  6. How has digital technology changed the face of journalism?
  7. How does the media influence its audience emotionally?
  8. How does the media decide what information to classify as a piece of news?
  9. The relationship between fear and journalism decisions
  10. The role of social media in the widespread information
  11. Media censorship – a new way of hiding the truth from the public
  12. Blogging and Vlogging – a new and modern way of communication
  13. The role of social media apps in fostering miscommunications
  14. Digital technology and its influence on interpersonal communication
  15. Fear of public speaking among people who are introverts
  16. Media manipulations and how it controls the populations
  17. Innovation and its positive role in modern society
  18. Freedom of expression and freedom of speech in the UK
  19. The current political divide in the UK
  20. Morals and Ethics in the modern digital journalism
  21. Media manipulation in developing countries and how to stop it
  22. How do current events shape our communication?
  23. How do past events change our perspective on communication
  24. Controversies – how do they affect effective communication
  25. Mass communication laws in different countries

Hence, these are the 25 most interesting communication research topics that you can write a research paper on. If you do not find your target topic in this list, go and take help from research proposal help services online. They can make a customised topic.

Top tips for writing a communication research paper

After reading the information above, we hope you now have got your research topic. After having the research topic, you need to write a research paper on that topic. However, Professional book writing services an effective paper is not possible unless you know some tips regarding this. Therefore, a brief description of the tips is as follows:

  • Stay focused on the topic. The first and most important tip is to remain focused on the topic, no matter what happens. Create a specific thesis statement for your research paper. It should be a statement that can be comprehensively discussed in the paper.
  • Use high-quality sources. After selecting the topic, it is time to research it. Effective research helps you collect relevant data for your topic and makes the paper successful. However, it is important that you only use high-quality sources of information. Taking data from low-ranked websites is not good.
  • Maintain objectivity. Communication research papers are such papers that maintaining objectivity in them is very hard. Personal beliefs and affiliations with someone can create problems for you, as it is considered that you are biased about something. Hence, maintain objectivity no matter what happens.
  • Do not give vague information. Vagueness is when you present information in your research paper without discussing the facts and figures. You base all your discussion on assumptions and illogical examples. This creates confusion in the readers’ minds.


In this guidepost, we have listed the top and most interesting communication research topics. You can choose any topic from the list given above. However, make sure that you choose a focused topic which you can research effectively afterwards. Also, follow all the tips mentioned above. They will help you a lot in writing a good communication research paper. Here are some quotes about progress that will inspire you to accomplish more and more in life.