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3 Social Media Platforms To Understand



3 Social Media Platforms To Understand

Create Content. Create Content. Create Content. But how?

So many individuals struggle with creating content because they overthink it. They are in fear of the negative content so they think long & hard before they create that beautiful photo by the beach or an infographic on how to invest your money. It’s scary, I get it.

But before we dive into creating content, there is one question YOU have to ask yourself. Who am I creating content for?

I am going to break down just THREE of the major platforms you can post your content on as well as some ideas you could use to post. You may know of these social media platforms, but I will break down the audience and the kind of content you can post. Let’s do this thing!


1. Facebook

Audience: When you use Facebook, what kind of content do you usually see? It’s typically individuals who are entertained by seeing other friends & family’s posts about what’s going on in their life OR what fun trip are they going on. Don’t believe me? Go to your mother’s profile page right now and take a look at all the comments she has from friends and family. It’s all over the place with encouraging comments about how great the kids look OR that looks like a ton of fun. And I absolutely love all the positivity 🙂

What Do I Post: Create content that you know the 25+ generation specifically would love. This platform is not necessarily dominated by the younger crowd, it’s been around the longest. It has the most traction. Post a photo of you with your significant other enjoying a nice cup of coffee on a Sunday during sunrise. You could post a photo of your vision board of how you have traveled to all these cool places with your family. Put your brain in the mindset of a Facebook Consumer.

In-Short: Facebook is Fun and Family.


2. Instagram

Audience: Instagram is all about entertainment. You go to Instagram to see pretty pictures of that super cool nature scene OR to take a look at your favorite celebrity’s new wardrobe. It’s a place to look at videos and sometimes look at stories to see what your friends are up to. Typically, we see that the younger crowd is more involved with THIS social media platform as it can be seen as a bit more advanced, aesthetically than Facebook.

What Do I Post: Aesthetic. Aesthetic. Aesthetic. Create content that is visually appealing to the audience. Try not to get caught up in gaining more followers BUT be happy with the followers you already have and attain to their needs. Unlike Facebook, Instagram has a much higher probability of gaining followers you DON’T even know. The idea here is to draw out your creative side. To get inspiration, I typically go to Pinterest or VSCO because I find those to be nice to look at. Create content like an infographic that has a logo for your business but also has an animation feature to it. You could try using that video you made from TikTok and putting it on your story. Cross-brand yourself.

In-Short: Entertain Your Audience.


3. LinkedIn

Audience: LinkedIn is business-related. However, there is a caveat. It is also a platform that inspires and provides stories & experiences that are published on a national platform. Individuals go on LinkedIn to hear about where their friend got a job or what is Amazon up to nowadays. Think business, but also a bit of fun.

What Do I Post: LinkedIn still has some room to grow which is great for you because of the organic reach you could receive. This is the platform to release your articles and to create videos that provide value in a business sense. Explain what you are passionate about and a little hack that you have discovered in your hobby.

In-Short: Business with a hint of Inspiration



If you recall, Facebook is for Family & Friends, Instagram is for Fun & Entertainment, and LinkedIn is for your business adventures. When creating content for any social media platform, continue to think and put yourself in the mindset of the consumer. If you were on the other end of the screen, what kind of content would you like to see?

Keep Grinding & Keep Producing. Don’t waste another minute!

Collin Hernandez is the founder of Klout Marketing, a digital marketing agency that helps local businesses generate an increased in leads through a self-driving vehicle by following a 3-Step process from the offer of your product to the execution of your positioning. He currently is a Senior at Creighton University and found out that he has a true knack for engaging in the latest entrepreneurial skill sets and the sustainability of a happy lifestyle. His true passion is to assist others in figuring out what truly makes them happy in life and to go out and attack one's goals!