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4 Home Appliance Maintenance Tips And Tricks



4 Home Appliance Maintenance Tips And Tricks

Most people realize that they should’ve done a better job at maintaining their home appliances only after these devices have stopped working. In order to prevent this, you need to make sure you’re performing regular home utensils check-ups. Many of the problems that occur in most home appliances could’ve been thwarted with a little bit of care on our part. 

That’s why we give you these 4 simple yet effective tips and tricks on how to keep home appliances in good condition with just a tiny bit of effort on a regular basis. That way you can potentially save yourself a lot of time and money in the long run. Some of the expensive repairs can be easily prevented with good daily care.


Check If Your Oven Door Has a Tight Seal

It’s very important that your oven door has a tight seal, for multiple reasons. First of all, your food might cook unevenly if the oven door is not properly sealed. As a direct result, your food will taste much differently (maybe it will even become completely inedible). Secondly, the food will take longer to prepare, thus costing you your precious time. But it won’t cost you only your time because you’ll also lose a significant amount of money. If the oven door is sealed improperly, the oven can end up losing more than 20 percent of its heat.

In order to avoid these things from happening, the only thing you need to do is perform a check-up from time to time and see if everything’s in good condition. In case the seal is in the bad state, you can easily fix this. Use your hands to feel any cracks, broken and deformed areas on the rubber or fiberglass gasket. If you find any type of irregularity, simply replace the seal.


Clean the Refrigerator Coil and Change the Water Filter

Many of us don’t even think about cleaning anything but the inside of the fridge. But this lackadaisical approach and attitude can actually cause your refrigerator to break or wreak even more havoc in case the coils start to spark due to bad maintenance. That’s why you need to make sure the refrigerator coils are always in good condition. Clean them regularly, especially if you have pets – pet hair can clog up the coils, as well as dirt, grime, and dust that’s flying all around the place.

In case you don’t know where to find the refrigerator coils, they’re usually placed either behind the kick plate (at the front panel), or at the back of the fridge. Cleaning the coils is pretty easy – all you need to do is grab a vacuum cleaner and clean the coils.

Another thing that you should do regularly when it comes to keeping your refrigerator in good condition is changing the water filter regularly. Just look at the instruction manual because these instructions vary and depend on the model of the fridge.  


Inspect Your Washing Machine

Another home appliance that needs to be taken care of and inspected on a regular basis is the washing machine. We sometimes fail to realize that we can prolong its working hours with only a little bit of care.

One of the first things you want to do is check the hoses, as these are probably the number one cause of washing machine floods. In case there are any leaks, cracks, weak spots, or signs of wear and tear on the hoses, you need to act immediately and replace them.

At the same time, you should pay utmost attention to the quality of the spare parts you put into your washing machine. There’s no use in just changing the parts that are damaged with whatever comes at your hand first. That’s why we’d recommend you to get in touch with the professionals in that area, like Wholesale Appliance Supplies, for example. That way you’ll minimize the chances of any major problems happening in the future. Investing in good-quality spare parts will also prevent other unforeseen expenses or issues.


Regularly Replace or Clean the Air Conditioning Filter

Dirty or clogged AC filters can seriously restrict the airflow, but can also be hazardous for health.

That’s why it’s of the utmost importance to regularly replace or clean the AC filter. This is fairly easy to do – in most cases, you just need to remove the front panel of the unit, take out the dirty filter and replace it with the new one. Make sure to use the manual if you’re not entirely sure about what you’re doing. 

And if your AC has a reusable filter, you can put your vacuum cleaner as close to the filter as possible and remove all the dirt and grime there.


The Bottom Line

With these 4 home appliance tips, you’ll most certainly extend the life of your utensils and gadgets. It’s far better to maintain them regularly and handle them with care than to pay for the expensive repairs.

In cases where you’re not so sure that you can efficiently maintain some of the home appliances, we’d recommend you to contact the professionals.

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