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4 Tips to Write a Winning Essay



4 Tips to Write a Winning Essay

As a student, you simply cannot escape the activity of writing essays and submitting them within the specified deadline. The general idea behind essay writing activities is aimed at improving students’ writing skills. Writing is a hard-earned skill and it pays dividends in your professional life too. In this post, we will discuss the top three tips that can help you become a better essay writer.


Know Your Topic

Let’s be honest. You cannot write a proper and well-written essay without knowing your topic. The superficiality and lack of substance will be evident in your writing if you try to do so. It does not just take good English language skills to write a winning essay. You need to reflect total command over your topic if you want to write an essay worthy of distinction.

In order to be well-versed with your chosen topic, you need to read a lot of related papers and studies. Read and read more until you know them inside out of the chosen topic.  Browse related material online and make time to read all of them. There can be different and very interesting viewpoints on the same topic.

Skip the topics that do not appeal to you. The less interesting the topic to your mind, the more chances of vague and bad writing will appear.  Schools, colleges, and universities give their students this choice of choosing the topics themselves.

For example, if you are studying a nursing-related course, chances are that you already like the subject of nursing and it will be easy for you to write a winning essay on the related topic.  Choose your topics wisely. You can have different options topic wise if you have taken a course of your choice and interest.


Be a Good Reader

If you seriously aim at becoming a better essay writer, you need to step your reading habits without further ado. There is an old saying that says good readers make a great writer and rightly so. Pick up the habit of reading extensively.  You need to diversify your reading topics as well. Reading is to mind what exercise is to a physical body. The more you read, the better you become at writing.

The science of writing a winning essay or paper that is graded well lies in the fact that your writing should reflect great craftsmanship and profound reading capability. Once your teacher or reader detects that trait in your writing, you are off to a brilliant academic and professional career.

The simple tips to enhance your reading capability can be stated below:

Read daily newspaper

Read magazines

Read books that are of your interest

Get to know jargons

Broaden your scope of reading. Read on different genres and subjects such as politics, history, sports, and culture. Even if the subject is of your academic scope, it will help you refine your writing skills. Remember, a good essay writer is always a great reader and you have to be just that.


Improved Vocabulary

You can be creative and full of ideas but if you do not have the words to translate that into writing, it will never help you. The benefits of extended vocabulary are numerous. This does not mean you learn some hard and difficult words and try to place them. You cannot miss out on the context. That is huge. It is not just an increased number of words that you know but also how to effectively use them in your writing. For example, medical writing will contain a lot of medical terms while a topic related to history or sports will niche relevant vocabulary.


Seek Professional Help:

There is no downside in paying professional essay writing service to help you improve your essay writing skills. With a goal to massively increase your writing capability, you can always contact reliable and trusted essay writers to help you improve your writing.

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