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8 Amazing Realities of Starting Education After 50



8 Amazing Realities of Starting Education After 50

Downsizing is a brutal predicament to face but if you fall in the late age segment, it becomes devastating. Unlike the young workers, who have the adaptability to make a quick change, workers in their 50s may feel that they have to “stick it out” to their career path until their retirement age. However, with an average increase in the retirement age, people in their 50s have at least 15/20 years of working careers ahead of them. So, for older workers, it is a golden opportunity to start their education again and take control of their careers. The decision of going back to school after 50 with a host of responsibilities and priorities isn’t an easy one. Here are a few points which may help you in making up your mind before heading back to the classroom.


  1. Economic Upside of Education

Some people may question the value of getting an education in their latter part of life, however, it is an undisputed fact that there are significant economic upside and benefits of completing your education even in your late 40s or 50s. You can delay your age of retirement by going back to school and at the same time you can also boost up your paycheck. With the newly-imparted knowledge and set of skills, you can give the younger workforce a tough competition which not only makes the overall labor force more competitive but also increases the economic output for the firm.

  1. The government might offer your bursaries/loans:

Going back to school isn’t the right choice for everyone since the cost of tuitions has increased exponentially over the years. On the other hand, tuition cuts in colleges are becoming less and less common. All these costs which are increasing the student debt is a major deterrent for adults to returning back to colleges. However, depending upon your circumstances and situation, the government might offer you money in the form of loans or bursaries to help you complete your education. You might need to meet some criteria before you are eligible for such loans.

Some of these programs are administered by the local states and you might need to check up their website or their local agencies in order to apply for it.

  1. Looking for a New Career:

Many of us find ourselves working decades in a career path where we do the same tedious job again and again. After a while, we want to try something different or a change in career. However, due to low flexibility, these dreams never come to reality. Either they continue with their tedious and repetitive job or they chose early retirement. In some scenarios, people find themselves jobless due to technological advancement which has made many jobs obsolete while in other cases they are being outsourced. In such scenarios, going back to the college is probably the wisest decision, as getting a degree might push your career up and help you start a new chapter.

  1. Making sure that the workforce remains highly skilled

In some industries, especially, such as Software or I.T industry, there is a cut-throat competition. In such industries, it is highly important that the workforce remains highly competitive and that they continuously improve their set of skills. Employers in such industries are always on the lookout to hire newer and younger talent and in such scenarios, older workers are at a disadvantage. As such it is essential for older workers to continuously improve themselves. Going back to school improves their set of skills, which helps them compete with the new entrants.

  1. Learning New Things

For some people, the desire to keep learning and grow remains ever so strong. Even when they are socially and financially doing well, they want to improve their set of skills. Such individuals go back to school for personal development that helps them learn new ideas and set of skills.

  1. Lifetime Goal

Some people might have had to postpone their education in order to support their families whose needs have to come first. In such cases for adults, who have never completed their education or gotten a degree, going back to the college is a golden chance to complete their degrees.

  1. The flexibility of getting a degree

Due to technological advancement and competency-based style of learning, which is completely different from the traditional style of learning, getting a degree has become a whole lot easier. Now colleges allow you to work through your own pace. Now you can also use various portals and online tutorials that allow you to learn new ideas without having to attend a class physically. Some colleges might even let you bypass certain courses completely, depending upon your work experience.

  1. Entrepreneurship Opportunities

Entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding professions for an individual. According to the studies, people over the age of 55 are twice likely to found successful companies than those between the age groups of 20 and 34. The individuals who want to pursue entrepreneurship after working for years on a tedious job, they might want to do a refresher’s or a short-term course in order to learn the ins and outs of the business.


In today’s world, more and more people from different professions are heading back to school. Colleges and Universities are seeing an increased number of adult students who might be identified as career changers, grandparents or retirees. What was previously considered as an anomaly has now taken the shape of the norm in today’s world.

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