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Avoid These 8 Sources Of Distraction When Studying



Avoid These 8 Sources Of Distraction When Studying

You ought to consider the things that you should not do when studying for an upcoming exam. Knowledge of these is just as important as familiarizing yourself with the topics covered in it. Your time is supposed to be maximized on your test prep, so you should skip the distractions. These will be discussed in the following tips about what not to do when studying for an important exam.

Don’t start your test prep on the night before your test.

This will only lead to your cramming that hardly yields favorable results. Hoarding a barrage of details in your brain will only lead to confusion, or worse, a study burnout. Your mind might only end up blank, causing you to freeze when face-to-face with your test booklet and answer sheet.  Instead of cramming, take time to prepare for your test several days to one week before your approaching academic undertaking. It will allow you to have a clear focus on your studying materials. Your brain will be able to ingest and retain information effectively.


Avoid studying with a group that would only distract you.

Choose your study buddies carefully. That is, invite those who would help you become focused on your study topics. Forming a study group can be fun and motivating, but see to it that you are actually reading your books and sharing your insights pertaining to your test. Don’t study with peers who distract you with the latest gossip or compel you to take frequent and unnecessary breaks.


Don’t wear clothes that are uncomfortable.

You might think it doesn’t matter, but you should sport clothes that’ll make you feel at ease with the temperature, especially when you’re studying someplace else such as the coffee shop or the library. Or else, you would be inconvenienced when digging your books or online study guide if your jeans are very tight and your sweater needs to be warmer.


Steer clear of studying in an environment that’s distracting.

Look for a study environment that enhances your test prep experience. It will depend on your fancy or whatever suits your needs. You can study in the coffee shop or the lounge in your dorm if a busy environment stimulates you. Otherwise, if you prefer peace and quiet, you can study in your room or the library.


Don’t be fussy with your review notes and materials.

Particularly if you’re spending more time creating them than your actual reviewing. Your review notes need not be decorated with highlights and different colors. Creating that “artwork” might become a source of procrastination and distract you from the more crucial reviewing that you should do. Optimize your test prep time and stick to the essentials, whether you’re using flashcards, typed notes or re-readers.


Don’t be distracted by social media.

Oftentimes, the 10-minute break that you allocate for checking your social media posts can easily extend to 30 minutes, to an hour and for the whole evening until you finally neglect your test prep tasks.  It’s best to turn your phone off or install a blocking app when you’re studying for your exam online to keep away from that distraction.


Don’t study when you’re hungry.

An empty stomach would undoubtedly keep your attention away from your test prep. It would divert your mind from the cognitive task that you should otherwise attend to. So before reading your books, eat a healthy meal or snack. Other than placing you in a good mood to study, it will also prevent you from taking munch breaks in the middle of your test prep.


Don’t go out partying when the day of your big test is nearing.

Don’t get complacent by partying hard after your 8-hour test prep session. Your tendency might be to drink alcohol that would significantly hamper your cognitive functioning come the final day of your exam. What you should do, on the other hand, is to give your body sufficient rest. You need to be in the best of physical and mental state when taking your important exam.

Take note of these tips about what not to do when studying for an exam. You might think that they are inconsequential, but they can help you in significant ways when it comes to achieving the best results from your coming academic feat.

Winnie Custodio has been a publicist and writer for over 10 years. She has broad experience in online and personal mentoring. Working with Test Prep Toolkit, an online GED, ACT, and SAT study guide has been one of her most fulfilling careers where she and her fellow TPT staff work together as a power team in helping thousands of test-takers pass their exams. With such an outstanding achievement, Test Prep Toolkit has become one of the top test prep websites on the Internet today.