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Everything You Should Know to Join Merchant Navy



Everything You Should Know to Join Merchant Navy

The passion for traveling around the world and the temptation of experiencing adventures on the high seas and exploring new cultures encourage young people to make a career in the Merchant Navy. It is different from the Navy as it provides commercial services that are not allowed in the Navy. This career option is enticing and adventurous for people who hold high interest in traveling as they are paid for what they love. Before you decide to Join Merchant Navy, make sure to grasp all the much-needed information related to it. However, everything has its pros and cons. Merchant Navy officers need to stay away from their family for months.

Merchant Navy is a tax-free job as you don’t have to pay any tax to the government. Moreover, you receive an NRI status as you’ll be staying outside the country for months. An expert in the merchant navy is considered as a flashy work, especially by the common people who are crazy about traveling. Also, this job is not all about traveling and exploring new places, but it comes with great responsibility. It is important for you to know the different options available to join the Merchant Navy. There are two prime profiles; Engineer and Cadet through which you can be a part of it. Make sure to do research and find the best merchant navy colleges in India.

The feeling of wearing a uniform and the official honors give a certain pride and maturity that comes with this job. If you want to experience this and know you can do this, then apply for it. But before that, you need to know the eligibility criteria for it.


Eligibility Criteria:

Before going for any course after completing your school, you need to know the eligibility of taking that particular course. For joining the merchant navy, you need to pass class 12th with subjects like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

●The candidates should be unmarried and citizens of India, open to both male and female.
●Eye vision should be normal, although glasses up to plus or minus 2.5 can be allowed.
●The complete admission process is entranced based, followed by a screening test and a written exam.
●Upon clearing the test, an interview and a medical test will be taken.

Also, you are required to complete a ship-training period before employment as it is compulsory. It is a short-term course that teaches candidates about the basic concerns of voyaging.

Right after your pre-training, you’re sent on the ship for proper training. Make your career in a field that holds your interest, and you won’t regret choosing it in the future. Career is not all about making money, but it is also about doing something that you really love. If you have made up your mind to Join Merchant Navy, then start exploring a suitable college for yourself. Various colleges are offering such courses, but it depends on the one you choose.

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