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How can the homework app improve productivity?



In recent years, student productivity has drastically declined due to a year gap, and the devastating effects of the pandemic. Amidst all this, teachers, parents, and all stakeholders in education realize the importance of educational digitalization. It was a digital platform that helped us come together, and today this adaptation has escalated into further advancements. A school now uses many portals and mediums to atomize activities, reduce human effort, and add to productivity in everyone’s life.

We will cover similar mechanization of assignments and homework today, reviewing whether or homework app is necessary. If yes, how can it add to the productivity of students?

What is a Homework Application?

It is what the name suggests, a homework application is useful to submit assignments and remain updated with day-to-day activities teachers upload.

A school LMS is a software that every institution must use to improve the teaching-learning experience. Students can access the learning management system to review urgent notifications or check resources and classes uploaded. But this can branch out into multiple other portals like payment gateways, managing registration for scholarship applications, participating in chat rooms, etc. Similarly, a homework application can be a separate and more adaptable software. We say ‘adaptable’ because if students cannot access it on their mobile phones, they cannot use it efficiently anytime and anywhere.

Must have Features of Homework Application

Is your institution planning to install a homework application? Since the sole motive is increasing student productivity, you can target these features;

Assignment manager

To allow teachers to upload various assignments throughout the day. This assignment manager is linked with notification settings to push notifications in the student app alerting them about pending work.

Personalized portals

A student maintains personal login details because their page consists of information relevant to their course only. Teachers can upload pending sheet which is evenly distributed among all students falling under the mentioned category. The personalized portal for every student is unique since they complete assignments at their own pace, use and save references, and draft content differently.

Learning & Reference Resources

If you don’t want students constantly inquiring about references, all through a personal chat or in the group chat for this school, you should have a reference page. For every topic taught in a class, teachers assign some questions. These questions don’t have a defined answer but required the attention and understanding capacity of students first before they finalize the answers. When they have references available and ready at hand, they can easily streamline the learning procedure and remember important points to write good-quality answers.

Automatic test and grade sheets

Apart from the regular assignments, teacher target vacations. We know how much an institute loves to ensure no student goes out of touch with their subjects by assigning vacation homework. Either that or they upload practice test sheets. Teachers can later analyze how much they have scored, which is automatically checked by the system, and provide necessary feedback.

Feedback and Report

When the feedback feature is not available with grade sheets, considering teachers feel every feedback needs to be personally conveyed to the students, the school can link it with the school information management system to maintain the records.

Benefits of using a Homework Application

  • Teachers and students can save the time required in communicating the details of the homework. After framing questions or test sheets, an educator can upload them so students can complete them at their own pace.
  • Helps students with time management because they have a record of subjects, with deadlines. They can prioritize activities accordingly.
  • Completing homework on time and having feedback from teachers on each assignment automatically impacts their class progress.
  • It can track and analyze the progress report of students when several assignment feedback or grades are compiled together.


Debate no more whether your institution would benefit from a homework management application. If you cannot add as many features as mentioned, make allowance to invest in an easy management assignment or homework application. Observe a significant increase in the students’ productivity and improvement in their grades when they remember to do their work, where to refer it from and communicate about shortcomings in the assignment with teachers.

Participate in the digital movement and make a calculated choice to benefit your institution and your students in the long run.