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How Difficult Was It To Achieve Work Life Balance During COVID




The maintenance of a life-work balance, especially due to COVID, has become the biggest challenge these days. Covid Pandemic brought drastic shifts in the work-life balance. Under such circumstances, the management of work with other responsibilities like parenting, socializing, and other home chores become difficult. If you are the kind of person who experiences such difficulties, then go ahead. This article will give some suggestions to manage work with other activities during a pandemic outbreak.

Make a time-table to manage home and work at a time

Polished time management skills allow students, teachers, and entrepreneurs to achieve their goals. Time management is equally important for remote workers as well as office-based employees. All humans have more or less equal brain capacities, but good time management creates a performance hierarchy among them. So, if you are tired of your working routine during Covid, you must make a timetable. The timetable will help you to give time according to the task demands.

Define a home’s corner as an office to sort distraction issues

An important hack that will work is to make a small office in the peaceful corner of your home. Try it now; it will work. Making a virtual office will help you to pursue your work routine even during the lockdown. Mostly, people are fed up with work routines if they cannot manage them. The peaceful corner of your home will help you to work with full deliberation. You can find time to improve decision-making skills, creativity as well as other personal development skills.

Spend some time to make your home office creative. You can hang your favorite portraits on the front bright white wall or you can also use elegant desk accessories to create a creative and clutter-free workspace at home. Sit for a while and ask yourself, Is this place give you energy or not? If you feel the place is energetic, you will work wholeheartedly at your own customized workplace.

Take periodic breaks to take rest to solve the problem of stress

At your own office, you will feel good and give your best. No doubt, mental satisfaction, and motivation always have a great impact on learning outcomes. But still, you must spare some time to take periodic breaks. In these periodic breaks, you can pursue your hobby. Still, you can also complete your home chores during these breaks.

In real workplaces, you would have to spare time to listen to co-workers’ concerns. The coffee breaks often take time more than usual if the topic of discussion is one of your favorites. But, in remote working, it becomes difficult to take breaks because you have no other way to impress your boss. In work-from-home opportunities, only your words have the power to express your work dedication. Hence, in both types of work opportunities, you have to manage your work on your own.

Remember, a bright day comes after every night to cater to the Covid workload

A recent study by an assignment writing service explained that the working hours have increased by up to 3 hours due to remote working. The remote workers often complain that during Covid, they could not manage their work-life balance. They have to attend official calls even after working hours. So, they feel overstressed. No doubt, it happens. But, for all remote workers who feel stressed for any reason, I want to say, don’t worry. Wait for good news; the covid will end one day.

Develop a habit to work out to distort the lethargic Covid Routine

Have you ever heard that all work, no play makes Jonny a dull boy? The Covid pandemic has changed the working routine. So in this context, the balance between work and life is very important. The stay-home policies decrease per hour activities of people. By considering future health problems due to a lack of physical activity, the WHO recommends at least 30 minutes of workout per day. The workout will help to keep you self-energetic or tuned up. So, the habit of daily workouts will ensure good mental health during Covid. TIP; you can develop workout habits early in the morning. In this way, you will not need to disturb your official work routine.

Follow pre-defined boundaries to perform well

In short, to maintain a life-work balance during covid, it is important to set boundaries. It will help if you set ending or starting points for official work. It seems rigid, but some people are very peculiar about the working hours. Such people never entertain official calls and emails after 8 hours of working. This is a good approach to maintaining the balance between life and work. At first, people often discuss this rigidity, but they get used to your pre-defined boundaries with time.

Try to follow office routine even at remote work to maintain the past achievements

Following the office routine, even at home will vanish all major worries about covid working shifts. You can share your workplace (at home) with your spouse or children. You will not find difficulty in sharing if you are a professional sports employee. Tell everyone at your home to act as a co-worker during office hours. If you have school-going children, then you can engage them in some creative activities during work.

  1. You can ask your children to solve quizzes.
  2. You can purchase a book for them. Working from home is a good time to develop book-reading skills in your child.
  3. You can request your children to collect all toys and arrange them in their room. It will help you to pursue your work.

Follow the importance of only ‘one.’

 Some people feel shy in the presence of other employees at the workplace. Covid brings convenience for them. Though it isn’t easy to manage work and life simultaneously, you can use different approaches to ace it.  In my opinion, a well effective approach is to understand the power of ‘One.’ Have you ever read about the power of the digit ‘one’? If not, don’t worry, I will tell you. The power of one means, doing only one thing at one time. It will help you remain more focused, and you can reach closer to the point of distinction. Thinking about one aspect of life will help you review both the bright and dark sides of events. The time you get interrupted, the logical flow between thoughts gets lost. So, if you want to ace the work-life balance, then try to start one task at a time. After the completion of one, you can go for another.