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How Meditation Helped Me Overcome Social Anxiety With Bogdan Rosu



Meditation Helped Me Overcome Social Anxiety With Bogdan Rosu

When used properly, meditation has many benefits and can solve a lot of problems you may face on an everyday basis. Even CEOs and celebrities use meditation to reduce stress, burn out, and anxiety. It is a way to clear your conscious while being able to think freely and let go of all of the things that stress you out during the day. There are many people who use meditation but there are even more people out there who don’t believe in the power of meditation. Meditation is a powerful tool that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime, especially if they’re stressed, tired, or live with social anxiety. 

What is meditation?

Meditation goes back many centuries and it is believed to have roots from the Buddhist philosophy. Many celebrities use a type of meditation known as transcendental meditation because it can help you enter a deep state of relaxation or restful alertness. There are many reasons why people use meditation and the results can be unique for every person. 

Meditation is the act of trying to enter a different state of consciousness and peace. It has helped millions of people reduce stress, prevent burn out, and reduce if not cure their anxiety. A type of meditation that is commonly used to treat anxiety disorders is Mindful Meditation because it is trying to keep you aware of the present moments. If you can be aware of the present moment and analyze it correctly your anxiety won’t give you any problems.

How can meditation help you?

A great example of how meditation can help anyone is Confidence coach Bogdan Rosu, he has helped thousands of people deal with anxiety and especially social anxiety. Bogdan has had his own experience with anxiety growing up as a kid and it even followed him to some of his adult years. He finally decided to start studying personal development and also researched what makes people like the people around them.

Bogdan often meditates to clear up his mind, reduce stress, and to keep away his anxiety. Not only does he coach others on how to be confident, get rid of anxiety, and become financially free, but he also shows others how to meditate and the benefits from it. Bogdan also creates YouTube videos on how to be more confident and how to overcome and reduce anxiety. Meditation and studying personal development totally changed the life of Bogdan. Now, he has the confidence and experience to teach others how to overcome social anxiety and how to meditate to be able to live stress-free and never burn out. 

Steps for Mindful Meditation to reduce anxiety

  1. Sit down on a chair and place your feet flat on the ground
  2. Pay attention to your breathing but don’t change it. Simply be aware and observe your body as you breathe in and out
  3. Don’t lose focus on your breathing and body
  4. If you have anxious thoughts acknowledge them and continue to focus on breathing
  5. Continue this peacefull and nonjudgmental observation for 10 minutes
  6. Open your eyes and notice how you feel. Do not think about it and just observe

Mediation can help anyone who is dealing with anxiety, fatigue, stress, and many other difficulties in their lives. It is perfectly fine to seek out help and contact people like Bogdan Rosu or look up videos, articles, and courses on how to meditate correctly and how it can help you. Don’t let anything hold you back and start living the life you were meant to live right now.

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