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How much does a CPA certification improve employability?




To become an accomplished CPA is not as easy as it may sound. It certainly needs a great deal of effort and hard work so as to successfully attain your CPA degree. But it can be done in the right way and in the right manner, it can actually boost up your career to a whole new level.

However, some people are of this fallacy that it is likely to put all your money and effort in vain if pursuing a CPA program which is of course not the case. As a great matter of fact, attaining the CPA degree doesn’t only gift you with a worthwhile career prospect but at the same time lets, you earn way more as compared to other career aspirants.

With that being said, the question may arise in some of your minds that what are those jobs that a potential CPA can actually undertake?? Well, the answer lies within. Given below are a few of the career avenues that a CPA can unflinchingly get into. Some of them being the:


  1. Financial Analyst

Well, as the title suggests, the job of a competent financial analyst is that of providing commercial backup to the concerned company, he/she is a part of by evaluating a couple of substantial monetary data for the overall development of that company.

Subsequently, a financial analyst has to make reports of those already assessed financial data so as to convert it into outright technical information as well as to interpret such data that has a positive impact on a few of the investment programs in order help the management of the concerned company to make wise decisions.


  1. Internal Auditor

The primary job of an internal auditor is to assess and make a significant contribution to the successful implementation of the company’s monetary plans that comprises a couple of financial data and executions, few control processes and most importantly some risk enduring matters.


  1. Information and Technology Auditor

Wondering that what does a proficient CPA certified public accountant has to do with the arena of information and technology. Well, that can be done efficiently, for the job of it auditor is to assess the infrastructural development in connection with the technological aspect of the company.

Besides, it auditor can also evaluate a few of the testing systems of the concerned company to ascertain a high level of security, impeccability as well as compliance with the accepted standards of the related norms.


  1. Tax Accountant

The job of a tax accountant includes oodles of responsibilities comprising of a wide range of activities like that from executing tax return plans to maintain all the necessary tax records from time to time as well as providing proper guidance to the concerned company about the various taxing strategies and their executions and that of some prominent tax rules and regulations.

CPA certification offers many advantages and career advancements. There are the main 5 reasons why it is worth becoming a CPA.

  • Better Salary

CPA makes more money than their counterparts. You will generally make 12% to 15% more money as a licensed CPA as compared to an unlicensed accountant. Many firms even offer a bonus to employee accountants who clear the CPA exam. It means more money into your pocket. If you want to do independent practice then you can charge more from your clients because you are capable to offer additional services and you have the skill.


  • Job Variety

As a certified CPA, you can work in any industry for example; you can work in a private company, non-profits, government agencies, and more. CPA comes with better career opportunities. CPA professionals have considerable flexibility in their careers. You will get many travel opportunities with this profession.


  • Prestige and Respect

Becoming a CPA gives you better street credibility. CPA is one of the most respected professions. When you become a CPA it shows that you are not only a college graduate or a skilled accountant, but you are a professional who is dedicated to his/her profession. People know that it’s not easy to pass the CPA exam so they will respect you because of it. You will get more clients and you can perform better work and land better jobs.


  • Job Security

CPAs are always in demand. That’s why it offers a stable career and gives you an advantage over non-CPAs. CPAs can do a job or can work for themselves also. It can give additional, greater job security and flexibility.


What Do We Surmise?

In reference to the abovementioned information, we may come up to this conclusion that being an adept CPA certified public accountant can actually gift you with a thriving career comprising of a wide array of career avenues. Passing the CPA exam may be difficult but the advantages may be well worth the effort.

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