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How to Behave as Per Etiquettes of New Electronic Age



How to Behave as Per Etiquettes of New Electronic Age

Technology has affected every aspect of one’s life. Even etiquettes have evolved over time with it. Here are a few etiquettes to maintain in a digital era.

Technology has radically revolutionized global prospects and shrunk the world to a global village. Gone are the days of knowing when to ‘knock the door’ and when to say ‘excuse me’ was enough to fit in. Nowadays, to adjust to global standards, you need to know the e-etiquettes of the digital age. Interested to know more about these modern-day tech-dominated etiquettes? Then read on and be informed:


Etiquettes for the digital age


1. Silent mode on

Cell phones are important, but their constant ringing might be equally distracting for people, especially when they are trying to pay attention. So learn to keep your phone in silent mode. This is particularly important when you are in class, in a theatre, in a meeting, or just doing daily desk jobs.

Some might argue that surely the moment the phone rings they scramble quickly to turn it off. However, remember that the distraction has already been caused.

Another important place where you must turn your phone silent is when in a meeting. Whether it’s with a client or with your boss or teacher, make sure to keep your phone in silent mode.

In case you are worried about missing out on important calls you can always keep the vibration alerts on.


2. Maintaining online decorum

Nowadays, using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram are not merely entertainment but have turned into necessities. Thus, while using these imperative media, you should be extremely careful.

Be careful of what you share, what you type and what you comment as your casual or uncivil comments on social platforms might have far-reaching effects. Always recheck the authenticity of news before sharing it.


3. Always check your tone and never argue

Whether it’s the digital age or traditional era, screaming, cursing, swearing, or using improper hand gestures are always a strict no. Not only is it disrespectful for others, but leaves a negative impact on your personality and upbringing. At times, certain words or hand gestures might land you in legal issues as well.


4. Vaping rules

Traditional Cigarettes have always had a bad influence on health and are considered by many as a negative social influence. Therefore, in order to quit smoking technology has an effective alternative option – Vaping.

However, it is imperative to note that there are certain etiquettes associated with every option so as vaping. There are several vaping etiquettes you need to follow as a part of social decorum. Here are few to follow:

  1. You should never vape anywhere and everywhere. Most of the states and cities have their own rules on vaping allowances in public places which you should always comply to. Even if your state doesn’t have any rules, that doesn’t imply you can vape anywhere. Always seek permission from your companions before vaping.
  2. Also, make sure that you don’t vape directly into some one’s face. Albeit the smoke is not lethal, vaping into someone is regarded as bad manners.
  3. In case any of your companions are inclined towards anti-vaping notions, then instead of getting all mad, educate them with proper facts about why vaping is preferred over tobacco smoking.


5.  Clicking pictures

One of the greatest advancements of this millennium is the development of high-end megapixel cameras within cell phones. But remember, that the use of phone cameras to capture every moment of your life might sound exciting but it’s distracting and irritating for the people surrounding you.

Another aspect which is to be taken care of while clicking pictures is permission. Always make sure that the place you are taking pictures of allows you the same. In case there are other people present in your snap, make sure that they have permitted you to do so. Remember, never click anyone’s picture without their permission as it’s not only disrespectful but also legally offensive. Use of headphones

One of the most essential gears of this millennium is headphones. Whenever in public, make sure you are plugged into your headphones as people should never be bothered by the whim of your music.

But while using headphones, remember that the sound should not cross decibel limits so that you can’t listen to your own voice. Also, remember that you should never ignore what the people surrounding you are saying. Are you used to grooving along with the lyrics? A rookie mistake and a big no for singing alongside.


6. Use text lingos when and where required

Textual lingos like the Lingua Franca of this millennium have always raised controversies amongst veterans. Some consider it as a surge of a new language while others feel it’s a misnomer. Whatever be the social status of lingos, make sure that you don’t use it anywhere and everywhere.

When it’s your peeps you are texting, that’s perfectly cool. However, if it’s something official with your boss or co-workers or even family members using words like “u, r, lolz, watsup etc.” are a strict ‘no’. Always abide by the sentence cases and don’t put caps lock on unnecessarily.


7. Don’t play with your phone unnecessarily

Sure your smartphone is stacked on with various features, games and many more options but when on a social place be sure to interact with your companions and not look into your phone time and again.

Just put the vibration mode on so that you receive noise-free notifications. And if it’s a call or message you need to answer, then ask politely for permission, excuse yourself somewhere out and finish your conversation.


Signing off

These are a few of the social decorum that needs to be followed. Along with these don’t forget the old school protocols as well in order to create a positive impact in every social situation.

Mila Jones is a Senior Business Consultant, with rich experience in the domains of technology consulting and strategy, she works with both established technology brands and market entrants to offer research inputs and insights on leveraging technology as a source of strategic competitive advantage. She is a prolific author and shares her expertise with tech enthusiasts on popular digital publishing platforms. She loves not only to write about several topics but also loves to explore new ideas about Lifestyle, Travel blogs and many more.